April Fool’s Day Fun and Silliness

Silly Rabbits & Friends Etsy Treasury for April Fool's Day

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At Rabbittude, we are always up for a good laugh year round, so we would wish for more than one day dedicated to silliness, laughter and fun.  Ah, well, that is why we have bunnies to keep us going with foolishness in between.  We will make do with the day we have to be our completely quirky, wacky selves today.

Here is a treasury I created of wonderful lighthearted fun things made by Etsy artisans:  Silly Rabbit’s & Friends for April Fool’s Day.

Great Blog Post Alert!  The Rabbittude Get Off My Tail bumper sticker has been included in this wonderful Feature Friday blog by Frostings sharing humorous Etsy items for April Fool’s Day: http://tncakes.blogspot.com/2011/04/feature-friday-april-fools-day.html.  It is wonderful to be included here, but I am not posting it here just to brag (okay, bragging just a little bit).  I think this is a great list of Etsy items, they all made me laugh and smile.  I am really partial to the take off on Keep Calm and Carry On created by Sad Little Crown, Fling Yourself on the Bed and Cry Uncontrollably.  It reminds me so much of Despair.com’s parody of beautiful photo art motivational training posters.  Sometimes the motivational stuff just really doesn’t do it and you have to let it all out and then move on.  ~Rebecca Pullin

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