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Today I spent some time sorting out our Pinterest boards in to some new product shopping boards. If you are wanting to buy a gift for your rabbit, yourself or a bunny loving friend or family member, check out our new boards. There are boards by colors, one that is all jewelry, another with items for house rabbits, one that is fine art and art photographs and a final board that has rabbit themed craft supplies, instructions / kits to make yourself a DIY bunny item.

There are hundreds of items that are available. That could change as people go shopping or if a seller takes a vacation break.  Over the weekend I’ll be adding more to these boards. Click any of the images above to be taken right to the boards.

One Monday, we will have more information about Rabbittude special events this month and upcoming sales.


A Lionhead’s Lairs

One of Leo's lairsSo little Leo has proved to be a bunny who likes to have secretive little lairs. He is a small bunny. Like Tigger, he has the ability to seemingly disappear completely from sight. Little bunnies get into small spaces without disturbing things to give a clue where they might have gone.

Leo is there in the first picture, but the only way you might see him is to look for the darkness of his head casting a shadow where he decided to wiggle in to hide out. The first time he headed into this little hidden lair of his, I could hear him in the room, but could not find him. It was only when I saw something move that I realized where he had gone. Shadow would hide in plain sight by using his dark coloring to just park himself in front of or on something with a deep color. The other rabbits all chose to find hiding areas that they could get in to. Tigger and Leo being the smallest of our rabbits have both been able to get in to some areas without it being at all obvious they had gotten behind or under something. Little bunnies are sneaky bunnies for getting in to places and can create some challenges when bunny proofing to keep them safe. In this case Leo has found a safe space. So he has a new little area to call all his very own Lionhead lair.

Leos-Lair-2This second picture shows where he is hiding. Leo likes to sneak into the space behind the door. As the first picture shows he can do it in just inches of space that don’t disturb the door at all to give a clue he is back there. In the second picture, he has pushed at the door opening up which is why he is more visible.

This is something that reminds me of Portia. Tigger and Shadows’ main living area was our living room and the only door there was to the outside with no screen door. So the door was never open when they were out. Portia’s area was on our kitchen / dining room floor and there was a half bath there that when the door was open formed a little alcove behind the door. Portia liked to sneak into that area and would come running out of it when we would walk back into her area. It was clearly her secret space that she didn’t want to share with us. Now Leo has made a discovery of a similar secret space in his area in our office.

Tomorrow some news of what is coming up this month and next.

Video Share: Cute Baby Bunny Binkies

This video has a super cute little bunny rabbit doing binkies. I love the little airplane ears as this bunny happily binkies around. It is great to find smiles and laughs midweek to move closer to upcoming weekend fun / relaxation.

If the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: Cute Baby Bunny Binkies

Two earlier posts this month to keep in mind:


Keeping Rabbits Warm Enough

Thumper bunny rabbit

Thumper, my first house rabbit

I’ve changed what I planned for today to write something more topical for the weather here today. We are getting a very early taste of winter this year in Georgia with a freeze warning for tonight and possibly our first snow too. Since some winters we really don’t get any snow at all, this is likely to be an unusually cold night for us.

It made me think of bitter cold winter nights growing up in northern Ohio. When thinking of rabbits and cold winter nights, I can’t help but think of my first house rabbit experience with Thumper. My dad came home from work one day with Thumper for my brother who had just lost his hamster. None of us knew anything about having a rabbit as a pet and poor mom was scrambling trying to come up with the right food and accommodations for the new family addition.

Thumper was just a couple of pounds, he fit easily in my hands. He was still very much a baby bunny. Winters in Ohio are bitterly cold and the one when Thumper arrived in our home was no different.  Even though we were keeping him inside the house, he caught cold. Listening to him begin to sneeze almost continuously, we found a vet for him and took him in for his first visit. We found out that rabbits and especially baby rabbits can be sensitive to cold and drafts. A fur coat is not enough to keep warm enough when it is really cold, even if the rabbit is indoors. We found out we needed to get Thumper into a warmer part of the house and it would be best if we could get his cage off the floor, especially at night when it was coldest and cover it up to protect him from drafts. Getting Thumper warmer, allowed him to recover from his cold and live a decade with my family.

When Blaine and I got Tigger and Shadow, then Portia and now Leo, we had lived in Georgia for a time already. The winters are not the bitter cold of Ohio. It is more moderate here, but still I realized it was going to be important even with indoor house rabbits to keep them warm in the winter time and out of drafts. We have never placed cages or pens on outer walls of the house that can be chillier. At night-time we gauge the temperature of the house and cover cages with a sheet or blanket at least partly depending on how cold it seems or whether there is a chilly wind outside that could make the house draftier too. We make sure with covers to cages that there is an open space and not absolute 100% coverage. We want to be sure that there is fresh air circulation into the cage. We would give piles of hay so that the rabbits could snuggle into that too as well as have it to eat. It was good at those times to make sure the in cage litter boxes were really clean in case the rabbits wanted to sleep in their box.

So before we go to bed tonight, we will be sure to be tucking in some cover around Leo’s cage to keep him safe from any colder drafts on this freezing night to come.

Do You Have a Bunny Rabbit Story to Tell?

Four Rabbits

We have a lot of bunny stories yet to share here and expect Leo will create many more to come. We would also like to include the stories and images of other house rabbits too. So we would like to consider some guest blogging posts here on Rabbittude.

If you have a story idea you would like to share in the comments here on the post or via the comment form under our Contact page, we invite you to do that. If you have things you would like to see us share more of here on Rabbittude, let us know that too. It will help us to decide going forward what we should put in our long-range blog planning.

If you are a writer, we would be looking for something 500 – 1000 words with an image or two. If you are a storyteller, you can consider sharing an image or video you might have on YouTube with some behind the scenes comments about the story behind the image or video. This is your opportunity to pitch ideas to us of anything you might like to share here on Rabbittude. Nothing needs to be submitted at this point except ideas.

We will be working to see about ways of people being able to share images of other rabbits to be able to have some gallery ability of house rabbits here too.

Story Behind the Dust Bunnies

Save the dust bunniesThe thought for the dust bunny art began a decade ago and was inspired by Tigger, Shadow and Portia. All of them were properly fixed so that there were no worries about them reproducing and creating any baby rabbits. But I realized after a time, they had found another means of creating bunnies.

Rabbit shedding season is amazing for the volume of dust bunnies that begin to appear. Tigger almost seemed to delight in crawling underneath things and coming back out with dust bunnies clinging to her whiskers and fur.  It was almost a message that she was seeking out or wanting to protect these little bunnies of hers, because it was hard then to catch her to relieve her of the dust bunnies.  Then Portia joined us and as a Chinchilla rabbit, her dust bunny creation ability was awesome. Little poofs of furry dust bunnies would float around in the air when she would shed.

As I would sweep the dust bunnies away, the dust bunny creators would seek to interfere in my gathering up their little dust bunny babies. I started to envision all the little dust bunnies rising up in protest against me. I pictured myself tied up someday in a fuzzy version of Gulliver’s Travels. Over time, I had seen many  protests about saving various things.  The one protest that finalized the thought for saving dust bunnies was seeing a button that said Save the Chocolate Moose. That tickled my funny bone and made me think of the dust bunnies picking up signs and beginning a protest march against the clean and organized movement that was threatening their existence.

I started the Dust Bunny art with one little bunny protesting. Then that dust bunny was joined by another and another and then finally, they just all had to get together in an all out dust Bunny rally. If you would like to check out the dust bunny art …

Remember to check out our contest this month. If the dust bunnies from our Rabbittude Buntique shop interest you, they would be some of the items to choose from with a gift certificate.


Leo Chows Down


Leo chows down on kaleLeo dictated a change in topic from what was planned for today. I got his dinner greens ready for him and he had absolutely no interest in them. Now having no interest in eating for a rabbit can be due to not feeling well or having a digestive problem going on. It could be they have been given something they don’t like to eat. It could be they have already eaten too much of something else and aren’t hungry.

In this case with Leo, I was suspicious it was in the not liking it category. We were reaching the end of a bag of kale. It was still within the Use By Date. The kale still looked green and not spoiled. However, it was a bit stronger smelling which I have noticed in the past can happen sometimes with kale as it ages just a bit in the refrigerator. I wasn’t sure Leo was going to like it. He didn’t. Fortunately, Blaine was already on the way home with new provisions. As soon as we put fresh kale in front of Leo, he began to eat right away.

I thought the smell might turn Leo off because of something that happened once with Tigger and Shadow. We opened a new bag of greens which looked very fresh and lovely to us.  There was nothing we could see or smell that would show any problems. When we put the plate down in front of them, they sniffed the greens and looked right back up at us. The looks on their faces would best translate to, “Really ???” It was obvious that they picked up on something that was wrong that we could not. We threw out the bag, opened another one and then they were happy to eat.

Getting the diet balance right for good digestive health in a rabbit is really important. They don’t always make it so easy though.  As we have learned with our rabbits, they all have very different tastes and preferences for what they like to eat. It is a bit of a trial sometimes to get the right combination of what is good for them that they like to eat and will eat in the right proportions for a healthy rabbit diet.

Tigger was our worst challenge and beyond finicky about eating in ways I don’t even want to remember now. I remember too many times in her life following her around with food trying to get her to eat.  Shadow ate everything and I do mean everything. If he could sink his teeth into it and chew it, he considered it food. The challenge with him was keeping him eating true rabbit edibles and not clogging up his digestive system with things that weren’t even remotely food. We had to watch him like a hawk when he was running free.  Thumper and Portia were our best bunnies with food, I don’t remember them being bad about eating or particularly fussy about anything unless they were ill.

Now there was one time we had a massive bunny food strike here.  We received a new batch of timothy pellets and hay from a company that we had ordered from for years. When we served up the new pellets and hay to the rabbits, all three rabbits refused to eat them. Now Tigger I could understand as she had always been on and off finicky, but Shadow and Portia had never been fussy about pellets or hay. I called the company who put me through to one of their nutrition departments. The previous season the weather had been significantly different in their area in regards to the amount of rain during the growing season. That meant the hay was not exactly the same taste as past seasons and they were getting reports some rabbits were noticing the difference and not happy about it. Fortunately, we had a friend who had a bag of pellets from a previous year’s batch that was still within use dates. We mixed old pellets with new. We made sure there were multiple hay choices besides timothy out for grazing. Within two days Shadow and Portia were back to eating their timothy hay and pellets in normal amounts. Tigger held out for two weeks before accepting the new hay and pellets. During the two weeks, we had to have her in to the vet to make sure there wasn’t something else going on. We offered her other hays and more greens to try to make up for the hay and pellets she wasn’t eating. Fortunately she was not ill or losing weight. She was just being incredibly picky and slow about accepting the new batch.

So little Leo is like Tigger in being a more of a bunny food critic than I would like. We are having to put lots of things in front of him repeatedly and throw lots of things out when he refuses to try them. If you have a picky bunny, you are probably going to have to try lots of varieties of things in hay, pellets, vegetables and fruits to be able to find out which ones the rabbit will eat. I remember a friend’s rabbit that she called the junk food bunny. She had a terrible time getting him to eat anything that was good for him. He only wanted the bunny junk foods: lots of pellets, sweets and treats. She had to really work to get him eating more of the good things, hay and healthy greens. So Leo will eat timothy pellets, but he won’t touch timothy hay. He will eat oat hay and orchard grass. Thank heavens there are a variety of different hays and grasses to try. Leo will eat kale but it is really hard to get him to eat any other greens.  We have managed to expand him to spring greens and leaf lettuce and are working to see if we can get him to accept a wider variety.

Although sweets / treats should be given in very small quantities, it can be very important to know which treats your rabbit likes best.  With all of our rabbits if we thought they were becoming ill, a good test was offering them one of their treats. If they refused a treat, something was really going on and we knew we needed to figure out what to be able to help them. Sometimes that meant a vet visit if we had no clue what might be wrong. Other times, we knew from experience what to try to see if we could bring them back to normal.  We have identified Leo likes fresh baby carrots and has his doctor prescribed limit of just 2-3 per day for his size. Tigger and Shadow went gaga over bananas and couldn’t stand fresh carrots. Leo has no interest in bananas and goes first for any carrots he is given. Leo also likes dried apples and papaya and some bunny biscuit treats we have. The dried fruits and biscuits bring on a bunny dance around the feet. So if we would ever offer those and aren’t getting the bunny dance, it would be a strong sign that Leo is sick.

If you need some good information about all the different things you can try when working on a good rabbit diet, here are two resources from House Rabbit Society:


The Story on Bunny Baths

Makes a cute photo, but rabbit baths are not needed

Using bath props with a rabbit makes a cute photo, but in real life bunny baths are not needed

The video we shared earlier today was mostly cute and fun, but had one picture of a soaking wet rabbit with the comment that the rabbit was going to seek revenge. I don’t blame the bunny at all. Rabbits do not need  baths.  Yes, I know that pet shops in stores and online have pet shampoos and some of them show bunnies in the pictures. Some might even call themselves a rabbit shampoo. If you are new to having a bunny pal, you do not need to buy anything like that.

Rabbits are incredibly self-cleaning. They clean themselves quite regularly absolutely head to toe. It is amazing to see how very flexible they are. They are able to clean every inch of themselves by themselves. There is only one time you might have to consider using water to clean a rabbit. Sometimes if a rabbit has digestive problems, they might develop a poopy butt. If this happens and it is the first time with your rabbit, you want to check with or visit your vet to make sure that you know the proper diet / medications necessary to get your rabbit’s digestion back on track.

My first experience dealing with poopy butt was with Thumper, the very first pet rabbit my dad brought home in 1980. Thumper came to us at a time there wasn’t a lot of information about rabbits as house pets. He was just six weeks old and his first family was finding homes for one group of baby bunnies because a second group had now arrived. Long after Thumper was gone, we learned that the on and off lifelong digestive issues he had might have been because he left mom before eight weeks of age. Those first eight weeks with momma rabbit are important for a rabbit developing what is needed for lifelong digestive health. So leaving mom too early may have been the cause of Thumper’s issues.

At the time, we just knew we had to help him get healthy and get the poopy butt clean.  Mom and I learned how to do a bunny butt bath. There wasn’t any house rabbit info to consult, so we just thought the situation out. We didn’t think a whole bunny bath was  needed, just his butt was a mess. So we would fill a bucket with warm water and one of us would lower him in so that he was in the water from below his waist. While one of us was holding him, the other would run hands through his fur as the water helped to loosen what was stuck in his fur. Thumper was a really good bunny about the butt baths. It was almost like he enjoyed it as if it was a bunny hot tub. He would lay back against the edge of the bucket in the hands of whoever was holding him and just let the other set of hands go to work massaging the mess out of his fur. When he was clean, we would lift him out and towel dry him.

When we got Tigger, Shadow and Portia, the first one to have poopy butt issues was Portia. She was a bit too heavy and having trouble cleaning herself and she was beginning to experience health problems. When her first butt bath was necessary, I knew Portia would be a great deal more feisty than Thumper. She was not going to just relax for a bucket hot tub bath. This video did not exist at the time, but what we did with Portia is exactly as shown in this HRS video, Do Rabbits Need to Be Bathed. We used a litter box lined with a towel and with a small amount of warm water in it. Then we would towel dry her afterwards.

Tigger late in life started to develop her first poopy butt when she started to have some digestive problems on and off. As she aged further, she developed hip mobility issues. She wasn’t moving around as much, got a bit heavier than her normal and due to the weight and hip issues had more trouble cleaning herself. She also had trouble hopping in and out of the litter box, even though we continuously got lower and lower sided ones. Near the very end of her life, she was having not only poopy butt, but some urine that would remain on her fur. So Tigger as she aged started to need some very regular butt baths.

We knew Tigger even though aging would be even more of a handful than Portia. Like a cat, Tigger hated being wet. So I thought about how we might get the absolute least of her wet that was necessary. I thought about how baby baths were angled so the baby would be sitting up. I wished we had something like that so that Tigger’s behind could be in the water while the rest of her was out of the water. I thought even if we had a baby bath to convert to bunny use, it would be too big since Tigger was only five pounds. So I started thinking about anything that might work instead. The picture below shows a stuffed bunny as standing in to show my solution. We bought a new plastic paint pan.  We could fill the paint well with warm water and line the angled part with a towel. In that way everything of Tigger except her butt could stay dry.

Bunny Butt Bath

With Tigger after her late in life butt baths, we would pat her as dry as would could with a towel and paper towels.  Then we would use a blow dryer on a low setting for heat and air so that it was less noisy and not too warm. With age her skin was more sensitive and delicate. We wanted to make sure she was dry and not irritated by any lingering wetness. Also with age, she was more prone to illness, so we wanted to make absolutely sure she was dry and kept completely warm to prevent illness from being too cold.

Nitrile GloveNow you might be reading this and thinking this sounds really messy and perhaps you have some skin issues of your own that using a bare hand would not be a good choice.  Have no fear, lightweight gloves are readily available now. We pick up boxes of powder free nitrile gloves from our local home improvement store that we use for many  household tasks.  We use the nitrile powder free gloves because powder is a lung and skin irritant for us, so we avoid any gloves that aren’t powder free. We are avoiding latex gloves, because they can cause allergies in humans. I wear a glove on just the hand that needs to be in the water doing the poopy butt clean up. Due to eczema, my hands are sometimes prone to issues of it flaring up if my skin comes in contact with water too often. Our choices in how we care for the bunnies are based on our own experience of blending the needs of both bunny and human. I am sharing about the gloves for anyone else like myself where a poopy butt bath could present a challenge to best maintaining your own sensitive skin without harm.

Video Share: LOL Bunnies

This video has lots of shots of cute bunnies and they have added some cute sayings with some of them.

There is one rabbit near the end wanting revenge and I can’t say I would blame that urge at all. So people when you see that one, if you are new to bunnies, do not give rabbits a bath! I am choosing to share this video even though I disagree with that image and the swearing in the final one. This compilation has some cute images and sayings, but also provides a good teaching point. You don’t ever want to see your rabbits wet like that. I don’t care how many places sell shampoos for bunnies or how cute they look or sound. Rabbits do not need to ever to have full bath and be wet like that.

We will have a post later about the only time you would want to consider bringing water and a bunny together other than them drinking it.

If the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: LOL Bunnies

Bunnies Bearing Gifts – The Details

Bunnies Bearing Gifts

Contest Details – three $10 gift certificates, contest closes at midnight 11/22 11/23* EST.

We will let winners choose which shop they would like to have a gift certificate for –

So how to enter? Beginning now through Friday November 22nd, make a comment here on the blog or sign up for our newsletter or both. Sign up for the newsletter will earn one entry per person, each blog comment will earn an entry. Please only sign up for the newsletter once, but there is no limit on how many times you can comment on the blog. Each comment will earn a separate entry. We will pick out three random winners. Perhaps Leo will be willing to assist us with that.  It is possible that a winner could win more than one certificate if more than one of their entries is randomly picked. We will pick winners and email them on November 23rd 24th* to find out which shop certificate they would like to have.

*Note – Since we had a bit of website downtime on the 21st, we are extending entries through midnight 11/23 EST and will email winners on 11/24.


The Rabbittude Plan for November

Rabbit with ribbon in front of computer

Today has been a day of following Leo around on the sly spying on him.  I am trying to figure out when and how he likes to eat his hay so that I can better plan how to increase his hay consumption. I knew he was a private eater, but I  have discovered another way that he is very different from the other rabbits. He likes to eat his hay while laying down in a resting position while Tigger and Shadow ate standing up and would hop into a hay bin to eat. So I’ve tried putting little handfuls down beside Leo when he is flopped and he is nibbling on them as he rests. The floor is going to get quite messy here with Leo. I will have to work on a good cleaning plan for this!

For November, I will continue to plan to post each weekday. So there will be many more bunny stories to come this next month as well as news of what is going on with Rabbittude. Since this is a big shopping season, we will be working more on our Pinterest account. Keep an eye on that if you are looking for gifts. You might find some ideas checking out our boards. We have lots of pins there of items available from shops on Etsy and Zibbet.

Monday we will have a special announcement about a contest for November. So stop by to check that out and find out how you can enter to win something from Rabbittude!