Video Share: Bunny Holding His Food To Eat

A change of plan today, swapping around content between today and tomorrow since Leo was less than cooperative about having his picture taken today. So tune in tomorrow for the follow-up to Booda Don’t.

This is an adorable bunny in this video. I have never seen a bunny hold food this way or eat while on its back. This is just such a cutie.

A direct link to the video: Baby Rabbit Holds His Own Food

Video Share: My Best Friend Is Food

The title on this video caught my eye today. We are really struggling to get Leo to try new things in food. So seeing a video about a bunny titled My Best Friend Is Food, I had to take a look. Once I started to watch, I just couldn’t resist the cute face and cheeks of this bunny.

A direct link to the video: My Best Friend Is Food

Video Share: New Years Nap

The wind down of 2013 was a bit of a rough ride here. I am working on getting back to a blog plan and groove for the new year. Meanwhile on this first day of 2014, I hope that everyone is taking some time to rest and relax like these sweet bunny rabbits.

A direct link to the video: Bunny Nap Time

Video Share: The Chewinator

This video is an appropriate follow-up to yesterday’s blog about sneaky little rabbit tricks of chewing on things on the sly. The rabbit in this video is boldly out there with his chewing. Some rabbits like Leo are more cautious and hidden in what they do. Some like Shadow have learned to hide the misbehavior to try to get away with more of it. Whatever kind of chewinator you have, learning bunnyproofing to protect the bunny from digestive harm and protect your home and belongings from too much damage is a must.

If the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: The Chewinator

We have a number of events going on this month and created a new page for all of them:
November 2013 Rabbittude Events


Video Share: Cute Baby Bunny Binkies

This video has a super cute little bunny rabbit doing binkies. I love the little airplane ears as this bunny happily binkies around. It is great to find smiles and laughs midweek to move closer to upcoming weekend fun / relaxation.

If the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: Cute Baby Bunny Binkies

Two earlier posts this month to keep in mind:


Video Share: LOL Bunnies

This video has lots of shots of cute bunnies and they have added some cute sayings with some of them.

There is one rabbit near the end wanting revenge and I can’t say I would blame that urge at all. So people when you see that one, if you are new to bunnies, do not give rabbits a bath! I am choosing to share this video even though I disagree with that image and the swearing in the final one. This compilation has some cute images and sayings, but also provides a good teaching point. You don’t ever want to see your rabbits wet like that. I don’t care how many places sell shampoos for bunnies or how cute they look or sound. Rabbits do not need to ever to have full bath and be wet like that.

We will have a post later about the only time you would want to consider bringing water and a bunny together other than them drinking it.

If the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: LOL Bunnies

Video Share: Thumper Doesn’t Want to Play

This for me is a wonderful video find.  My first rabbit experience was with Thumper, a black and white Dutch Miniature my father brought home for our family.  This video is of another black and white Dutch Miniature, also named Thumper.  If we had video when we had our Thumper, I could picture getting the same response if we had wanted him to play for the camera.

If the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: Thumper Doesn’t Want to Play

Cute Bunny Behaviors – A Video Share

To help you over the midweek hump, here is a cute bunny video.  In this video Billy’s humans have compiled and pulled together video of all his ways of just being a cute house rabbit. Just in case the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: Cute Bunny Behaviors

Fun Video Share

This was a fun video find. Enjoy it as a light moment for a bunny rabbit assist in getting over the midweek hump day. I had no idea that a rabbit might carry a stuffed toy around like a puppy would. So cute! It shows me once again that each rabbit has different personalities, likes and dislikes. Because of that, each new rabbit can be full of surprises and seeing and finding out new and unexpected things from each of them. It is really fun to get to know and see different bunnies and what they will think to do!

Just in case the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: Best Friends Video

Two Wicked Wednesdays So Far This Month

Click here for the video up properly: Binky Day on

So last Wednesday was crazy with tornado siren testing and a loose pack of hounds. Today wasn’t a noise issue throwing things off, but rather a round of internet sites with lots of issues that messed with the planned schedule.  Now that I am trying to catch up and write what I had intended, Leo is letting me know he would really rather have some attention. So I found this wonderful binky video to share.

Enjoy! I will be back tomorrow with some of what is going on at Rabbittude this month.

An Adorable Rabbit Video

Google translator is telling me the title might be In Amefaji baby care?  In case the video doesn’t work here is the link to it:

I apologize for not posting last week, allergies got the best of me.  The fall season has always been a rough one for me. Between congestion, dizziness, sleep issues and antihistamine brain fog, sometimes it is hard to keep on track.  I spent a lot of time walking into rooms last week only to realize when I got there that I had already forgotten why I was going there.  I’ve made note on my calendar for next year to write some September blogging posts in August, just in case.

To get back on schedule, coming Wednesday … living with multiple rabbit encampments …


Video Share – Slurp, Slurp, Slurp

The link for the video in case it isn’t working here:

The video is super cute and the rabbits very noisy.  We never tried watermelon with any of our rabbits.  I had no idea they would enjoy it so much.  I guess the one thing I would have to say here is a reminder that rabbits can develop a horrific sweet tooth.  They will really overdo it with sweets and get chubby or throw off the balance in their digestive tract.  To keep our rabbits in good shape, we kept (keep with Leo) fruits to special treats.

Leo has kept me quite busy today trying to keep my body parts away from him while cleaning out his cage and exercise pen area. His hormones are still going quite strong post neuter!  So I will have Shadow’s next story on Wednesday.