Day One of International Rabbit Day Weekend – A Personal Celebration

Tigger and Shadow in the table leg thicket
I would call this photo, Tigger gives thanks, for all of us.  Over this past month when I have seen the postings for International Rabbit Day for either today or tomorrow, I was wondering if we would reach this weekend and still have two rabbits.  Shadow’s allergies moved into a more serious case of Snuffles right before Labor Day.  Since both bunnies tend to pass infections back and forth, both were started on the antibiotic Baytril. 

After just a few days on Baytril, Tigger’s stomach problems returned and we needed to take her off the Baytril.  Shadow finished out his two weeks continuing to improve.  Starting earlier this week he has been a bouncier, happier, hungrier bunny than he has been in months.  Tigger however throughout this month has continued to have stomach issues.  She has been on again off again for appetite and on again off again for us giving her gas meds, pain meds and force feedings of Oxbow’s Critical Care and syringed water. 

It has been very frustrating trying different combinations of hay, pellets and greens and having her at times even refuse her favorite treats of banana or dried fruits.  It has been exhausting and heartbreaking at times wondering if she was going to pull out of this.  She was overweight and we had been trying before this month to adjust her diet to help her to lose the excess weight.  Now in one month with her stomach issues, she has dropped about a pound. 

There were some bad moments this week when she really seemed hungry, but lacking appetite and exhausted all at the same time.  Then we noticed a trend to her eating Kale and having a really bad spell.  So even though Tigger loves Kale, we eliminated it on Thursday.  Today, it is like we have a new and improved Tigger back.  She is bouncing around, getting into everything and eating as if to make up for a month-long starvation diet.

I just hope she doesn’t overdo it all!  However, it is a wonderful day and weekend to celebrate that we have two lovely companion rabbits who though elderly are still with us.

3 thoughts on “Day One of International Rabbit Day Weekend – A Personal Celebration

  1. Aww, I’m glad to hear she’s feeling perkier 🙂

    Oral baytril (or any antibiotic) can have that effect on bunnies tummies, so if she needs it again then it might be worth going straight for injectable. It only needs giving once a day and many vets will be happy to train you to give it at home and give you pre-filled syringes.

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