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This week on Etsy, we started the Etsy Rabbits team and will serve as team captain.  We created this team to help bunny rabbit lovers, both buyers and sellers, have a place to get together on Etsy and celebrate bunny rabbit love / addiction!

There is a lot of attention on rabbits in this Year of the Rabbit. This was a good time to begin a team to promote all the wonderful bunny rabbit, cottontail and hare items created by Etsy artisans and make it easier for bunny rabbit lovers to find what they love!

About the team: Put your best bunny forward and do the bunny hop. A team for Etsy illustrators,­ designers, crafters and buyers who love bunny rabbits.

Who can join? If you love to buy or create bunny rabbit themed items or items created for pet rabbits, this is your team. 

***Please, no shops that use rabbit skins or furs.

You can follow the team too:
Blog – http://etsyrabbits.blogspot.com
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/etsyrabbits

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