Our Rabbittude Expert Memorial

Portia   2002 - 2006
Also Known As:

Porty, Portly
Miss P
Peanut, Sweetpea
Portia Prettibun
Bunny Lady

Breed: Chinchilla
Weight: 7-8 Pounds
Sex: Female
Age: Lived 4 Years
Known Associates: Lone Rabbit Personality

Portia's Eulogy When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

 Best Known For:
Portia did not like to have her rear end touched at first. She did the fastest 180 and you had to whip back your hand or else!
Then she settled down and runs up doing a bunny dance around your feet pulling at your pant legs if you don't sit down to pet her. Now you can poke her behind and not get a reaction. She steals hearts with her wonderful cuddliness.
Portia has several favorite toys. She loves tossing and chewing her hard plastic chain links.
She gets a real kick rolling around her balls with the bells inside, but only likes to do it when we aren't in the room to see. We know she is playing with them by the tinkling sound of the bells as she moves them around the room.
Miss P also loves willow chew rings and willow balls. She will roll the willow ball around for awhile first before chewing it up. She loves to toss and chew empty paper towel rolls and even pulls open her plastic slinky occasionally.
She is large and in charge, but don't call her fat. She is full figured or better yet fluffy!
When she flops with her legs kicked back, she spreads everywhere and looks like Jabba the Hut in Star Wars.
Portia does not play well with other rabbits. When she met Shadow, she bit him on the nose.
She wants her own space thank you very much, but she loves to have human visitors.
She snorts her displeasure of unacceptable things.
When you talk to her, after you finish speaking, she will snort in response. It seems like you are having a real conversation with her.
Portia has the plushest fur, its just like petting a plush bunny rabbit toy. She creates absolute herds of dust bunnies in her space with her excess undercoat. When she sheds, everyone sneezes, including Portia herself.
Miss Portia Prettibun also has the most beautiful and feminine bunny face. It looks like she put on false lashes and mascara to play up those pretty brown eyes.
Portia has some of the cutest most playful and happy binkies we've seen.
She will run around the dining room table, reverse direction and binky on the way back and then pause to make sure you caught the action.
When you open the gate to her pen, she loves to do a speedy appearance and charges through the opening. Sometimes she is in such a hurry she is grabbing the gate with her teeth and trying to push it open before we can do it.
At times the door to the half bath at the bottom of the stairs is left open. Portia doesn't go in while we are there. When we come back down the stairs, she comes scooting out in a hurry as if she is guilty of being somewhere forbidden.
She also likes to lie right in front of the baby gate into her room so you can't miss her when you walk in.
She is the honorary sous chef for the kitchen and will peek around the pantry door when we go in there, always hopeful that some dried carrots or some dried fruit might come her way.
She would like to eat everything in sight, she never met a piece of food she didn't like.
She loves to find a patch of sunlight in the dining room and settle down for an afternoon siesta. Sometimes she will move around following the sunlight as it moves across the room.
Mom is allowed to pet her, but no matter how many times Mom tells her to just hop away when she wants the petting to end, Portia usually whips around and nips Mom's hand before hopping off.
Being Daddy's little girl. She runs up to greet him when he comes home from work and pulls on his pant legs until he sits down and then she cuddles up next to him to be petted. She saves all her best binkies for him.

 If You Could Read Her Mind:
Where is the food? Where is the food? Where is the food?
What do you mean come up for air when I'm eating? (snort, snort, sneeze)
Don't even think about cleaning up that spilled food if you value your hand.

Portia was a Georgia House Rabbit Society rescue rabbit that we brought home as a visitor. She had been left with two other rabbits in an abandoned car. The HRS had named the bunnies Portia, Bentley,and Mercedes. Bentley and Mercedes were adopted together, but Portia languished for a time in foster care. We kept seeing her beautiful picture and had previously met sweet Bentley at an adoption event. We wanted to see to see if she would get along with Tigger and Shadow (long story, big no!). She bonded so well with us that we created her own space in our hearts and home.

Our Miss P had recurring tummy troubles that regularly left her with a poopy butt. Several times a year she got a bunny "bikini shave" by the vet to try to help her stay cleaner when she had her tummy woes, since it couldn't be determined what was causing them to stop them altogether. After Thanksgiving, Portia had the worst problem ever with this and stopped eating and drinking. We rushed her to the vet who discovered she also had a urinary tract infection and her bladder was filled with sludge.

We worked with her through several weeks of antibiotics and after a slow start, she recovered beautifully. Portia was so happy and sweet. She had lost weight with the illness and was more energetic than ever, trying new things, and just bouncing around having a good time. It was a real shock to wake up on December 28th, 2006 and find that she had passed away. A necropsy showed that she had a heart malformation that must have caused a sudden heart attack. However, there was no defect in Portia's heart for loving, just for being able to keep on living.

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