Our Rabbittude Expert

Also Known As: Little Man, Little Buddy
Bubba, Little Bubba
Mr. Rabbit, Rabbit Man
Shad, Shadster
Sweet Shadow
Bunny Goat, Goose
Breed: Havana
Weight: 6 Pounds
Sex: Male
Age: 5 1/2 Years
Known Associates: Tigger


Go away. Can't you see
I've got a lot of paper
work to do here!
 Best Known For:
Following Tigger over / under / around / through / into everything.
Pulling up carpets strand by strand.
Hopping underneath the humans when they are on all fours and head butting their tummies or hopping onto their backs for a bunny back ride.
Sneaking up on all other critters from behind and sticking his little bunny nose where it doesn't belong.
Trying to pull major cute bunny con jobs like Tigger, but ending up with bunny comedy pratfalls instead.
Growling, lunging, and pawing at Tigger when she doesn't groom him enough.
Using the litter boxes quite nicely and then digging them all out. We had to get covered boxes after he arrived to lessen the mess.
Hopping onto the sofa and pulling and digging at the humans before settling down for snuggles instead.
Jumping onto the back of the couch and sailing off like a flying squirrel.
Showing off strong athletic bursts of speed and powerful jumping ability.
Being a playful "doggie" bunny. He loves to run and will zip up and take off again to get you to chase him.
He steals hearts with his wonderful playfulness and sweetness.
Shadow loves to lurk at corners just barely peaking around the edge.
Sometimes all you see is an Alfred Hitchcock style bunny shadow on the wall behind him.
He is serious about the Bunny 500. Shadow shakes himself like a horse before taking off at top speed all over the house, up and down the stairs, and cornering on two legs.
Blocking off the air conditioning vent for everyone else by flopping on it in full stretch mode so that only his tummy is getting cool air.
Eating everything in sight. He never met a piece of food he didn't like and especially loves his bunny biscuits. He stands up on his hind legs and begs.
Being a bunny goat and sinking his teeth into everything. Nothing is safe with his bunny jaws on the loose.
Having the shiniest black velvet fur and presenting himself immediately for petting if you touch him.
He is black all over and you don't see any other color until he yawns and shows his cute pink mouth. He loves to hide in plain site by picking spots in front of dark furniture where he just disappears.
He loves to burrow in a big bin of hay we have and comes up covered and takes off with it on his head and back scattering hay everywhere.

 If You Could Read His Mind:
Where is the food?
Where are the toys?
Where are the bunny babes?
Man that Tigger is cute, but she sure is a prissy little thing.
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