Our Rabbittude Expert Memorial

Also Known As: Bun Bun
Snuggle Bun
Cuddle Bun
First Bun
Breed: Dutch Miniature
Weight: 5 Pounds
Sex: Male
Age: Died of old age at 10 Years
Known Associates: Ouzo the dog

They made me pose with
these stuffed monkeys!
 Best Known For:
Holding really still when being put into his kitty harness, because he knew it meant a walk around the yard or neighborhood. People did double takes assuming at first that he was a cat.

Unlike most rabbits, Thumper actually liked to be held and would come paw at your ankle when he wanted to be picked up.

Being a big snuggle bunny. When you picked Thumper up and held him against your chest, he would move until he had his head tucked under your chin and would just stay there for a long cuddle.
Teaching us that a bunny could be litter box trained. He always chose the same spot and we thought, why not give him a box? We did and that was that, he was trained.
We had a cocoanut on the kitchen floor waiting to be hammered open. When he saw it, he leapt on it like a cat, he pawed it into submission and then he chinned it to death.

At first we thought we were having weird furnace noises. Then we realized he was the thing that went thump in the night.

Sometimes we just didn't get it and tried to keep Thumper on the sofa when it was clear he wanted to get away. He was a smart little fellow and knew he was supposed to use his litter box. When we were dumb about realizing what he wanted, he would hop on the back of the sofa and back his little behind off the edge so that he didn't mess on the couch.
Ouzo would try to chase Thumper which scared us at first, until Thumper started to turn around and run straight back through Ouzo's legs tripping him up.
Thumper had some shall we say intestinal issues and problems that caused him at times to be a very stinky messed up bunny. At that point he loved his bunny hot tub routine. We would lower him feet first into a bucket of warm water to clean him up and he would just lean back against the edge enjoying his little hot tubbing experience.
Despite his usually very sweet nature, when displeased Thumper threw awesome temper tantrums that followed a pretty set pattern. The steps are outlined below.
Thumper's Guide to Throwing a Proper Rabbittude Tantrum
  Step 1: Forget using the bell in your cage as a toy. Use it to ring for service.
  Step 2: When the humans don't answer the bell, pick up your little metal treat bowl and drag it back and forth against your cage bars (old prison movies are a great guide).
  Step 3 Dump your ceramic pellet crock and roll it around to be sure it empties out completely.
  Step 4: Tear up all the paper lining your cage.
  Step 5: Push up on the nozzle of your water bottle repeatedly until it falls off your cage.
  Step 6: Turn your back on the room and refuse to look at the humans.
  Step 7: Resist being lifted out of your cage by sticking your legs straight out so you won't fit through the door.
  Step 8: Make the humans grovel to regain your favor.
  Step 9: Grudgingly allow yourself to be removed from your cage so that the mess from steps 1 through 5 can be repaired.
  Step 10: Repeat as needed to show who is boss.
The End
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