Our Rabbittude Expert

Also Known As: Princess Bun
Half-Pint, Little Bit
Freakazoid, Tiny Terror
Tig, Tigs, Tigster
Tiggers, Tiggery, Tiggirl
Little Stinker
Baby Girl
Pretty Bunny
Sweety Bunny
Weasel Bunny
Breed: Harlequin & Himalayan?
Weight: 4-5 Pounds
Sex: Female
Age: 7 Years
Known Associates: Shadow



You know you just have to
come over here and pet me!


 Best Known For:

Picking up her cage litter box with her teeth and dropping it repeatedly in the middle of the night.

Constant chewing on cage / pen bars even while out.

If we block off the stairs with part of the xpen, she will rattle the gate and chew on the pen until we let her back on the stairs.

Getting over / under / around / through / into everything.

Pulling up carpets strand by strand and pulling drywall off the walls in strips.

Boxing, humping, fur pulling, and nipping Shadow on the rear when he doesn't groom her enough.

Giving out sweet bunny kisses to Shadow and Mom when they groom her.

Pulling major cute bunny con jobs by doing the sweetest kitty style flops and curl ups and then looking at you meltingly with her big brown eyes.

She steals hearts with her beautiful and deceptively sweet looks.

Tigger just absolutely delights in going right into the middle of the room in front of the fireplace to eat her soft serve snack or give herself a head to toe bunny bath. Why wouldn't everyone want to watch her every move?

Showing off quick, light, ballet style grace and moves.

Her binkies are the lightest daintiest things you could imagine.

Tigger loves to be petted, but doesnít want to hop up with anyone. She does cute flops to get the humans to come to her or flops below where a hand can reach her from the couch. If you donít notice her, she will peek her head over the edge to get your attention and then flop back down below your hand.
For her first four years we called her our "Model Bunny", because she turned her nose up and dumped food offerings that offended her. Now as a middle aged bun, she must have decided it isn't quite so important maintaining that anorexic figure and she can't get to the food plate fast enough. Sometimes she stands on the plate making it hard for Shadow to get to the greens.
Tigger is a thumpy bunny. She thumps when she enters a room, she thumps when she is mad, and if she is frightened she runs into her tunnel or under the bed and becomes a serial thumper.
Tigger's fur looks like she is wearing bunny jammies. She has a cute ridge of fur at the base of her spine that looks like she zipped up her bunny suit wrong and a stand up cowl lick of fur at the back of her ears that gives her a tomboy look from the back.
Tigger's Bunny 500 is so regulated we say that the Tigger Train is running.

She runs like the wind up the stairs not looking like she is even touching the stairs.

She freaks out at sounds and takes off with the motto, "Run first, look later". Sometimes her freakazoid runs will start Shadow running and we have an out of control bunny stampede with them banging into things and each other at high speed.

She sneeks up on all other critters, human or animal, and gives them a nip to the butt before taking off at top speed.
Tigger isn't particularly playful, but she insists on regularly chinning everything she can even us!
Her vet sums it all up by saying, "Tigger is many things, but stupid isn't one of them!"

 If You Could Read Her Mind:
Where is my tiara?
Where are my bunny slaves?
I'm going to have to put that Shadow in his place for trying to mount me and not grooming me enough.
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