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Ever found yourself wondering what on earth your bunny was trying to tell you? The Language of Lagormorphs has in-depth information to help you learn rabbitspeak.

If you are new to rabbits, I would recommend the sections on Offendedness, Territoriality and Anger first. Misunderstanding rabbit language in these instances can lead to bunny bites, not fun.  Here is a full list of the behaviors and corresponding articles:

  • Introduction
  • Hierarchy – Prove That You Love Me
  • Grooming – Yeah Baby, I Like It Like That
  • Gazing – Ah, This is the Life
  • Nose Wiggling – Follow My Nose
  • Offendedness – R-E-S-P-E-C-T is What My Bun Demands of Me
  • Territoriality – Gimme Some Space, Man
  • Anger – Why, You Fiend!
  • Sadness & Fear – Alas, Woe is Me
  • Curiosity – Hmm, What Do We Have Here?
  • Begging – Pleeeease Oh Please Please Please!
  • Play – Yippie Skippie!
  • Racing – The Need for Speed
  • Shudders – Shiver Me Timbers!
  • Binkies – Did You Say Binky?
  • Signoff – In the Interest of Interspecies and Intraspecies Relations

I have a fun You Tube video, I will post later today!

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