From Post a Week to Post a Day …

2011 Resolution Redux In January, I committed to blog once each week for all of 2011.  There have been ups and downs in that with the right number along the way, but not necessarily each week.  So now I am upping the game plan for the blog and doing a redux of the resolution and aiming to meet the post a day challenge from here on out.

It won’t be easy, I need to do two posts a day for a few months to catch up to the challenge. I want to do this now because the severe weather here in Georgia has been such a reminder of how little we understand of how much time we really have.  There are so many stories I want to tell about our rabbits to give others who would like to consider a house rabbit a fuller picture of what they can expect.  If you hop into house rabbit ownership, I also want to help you out with all of the bunnyproofing tips and tricks we have learned over the years.   Then there are all the inspirational ideas that come from our rabbits for art, jewelry and other products that we will share for other bunny lovers to buy and enjoy. 

I hope you will enjoy following along with Rabbittude.  Rabbits aren’t terribly predictable creatures and I am like that too.  Expect some hopping around in topics and themes and stories.  If you like it, you may be a rabbit person too!   


Rebecca Pullin of Rabbittude

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