Happy Hop, It’s International Rabbit Day

SerenityThe Etsy Rabbits team has been hard at work today spreading the joy of International Rabbit Day by creating treasuries.  It is a lovely way to let people know about team shops who are rabbit lovers and many are involved in or support rabbit rescue work.  We have a dozen new treasuries from the last 24 hours posted on the International Rabbit Day 2012 events page.  There are so many beautiful things you can check out if you are looking for gifts for others or wanting to create your own wish list!

I hope everyone has been taking some time today to enjoy their own house rabbits or help others learn about what wonderful companions they make.  Last year was the first year we had heard about International Rabbit Day.  We spent that weekend a little more focused on enjoying Tigger and Shadow which was good since it turned out to be the last time we would have them with us to celebrate the day.  This year we are celebrating having little Leo for the first time and having the opportunity to get to know him better with hopefully many years of celebrations ahead of us.

Coming next week, more stories about living in a home divided into multiple rabbit encampments …

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