Is a Real Rabbit For You?

Four Rabbits


Do you love mysteries?  A few years after Tigger and Shadow hopped into our lives, I read an article that said rabbits were a good pet for lovers of mystery.  The reason they gave is that rabbits aren’t very predictable.  You can expect them to do the unexpected.

I do love mysteries and rabbits.  The article was right on in saying rabbits aren’t an open book.  The photo here says it all for me.  Somebunny always has to be different and do the opposite of what is wanted or expected.  That can add a lot of fun and joy to your life as they go from comedy, to drama, to athletics, to romance, to all out bunny daredevil stunts. 

If you think about rabbits as a prey animal, the mystery of them makes a lot of sense.  If a potential attacker can figure out their next move, they will be lunch.

So when considering a rabbit as a pet, it is important to recognize they like to hide things.  That includes issues with their health.  A rabbit owner needs to like solving mysteries and playing detective.  To catch rabbit illnesses early on, you have to be aware of and catch sometimes slight changes in their mood, behavior, appetite or energy levels.

Rabbits are a lot of fun, but keeping them in peak form does require really getting to know them well when they are healthy and happy.  Then you can more easily recognize when your little friend is trying to hide a problem from you and help them before it is too late.

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