Layers of Personality

Shadow at RestLast week I wrote about Shadow’s chewing habits which my other half said  made him sound like nothing but a bad bunny.  That is the difficulty with sticking with one subject per post, lack of the full picture.

Shadow is Mr. Personable with a whole lot of  dimensions.  Most of the layers of his personality are on the light, bright and happy side.  The one way he does use his oh so serious dark exterior is to play bunny Shadow Man.  He loves to hide in plain sight, picking the darkest pieces of furniture or rugs to hang out in front of or on.  He virtually disappears into the shadows when he does that and takes you by complete surprise when you come upon him, earning him the nickname “Boo”.

To give the best overall description of him, Shadow is like a full of energy puppy.  He races around, bounces up and down with happiness, gets into everything and loves to see you and play with you.  He will zoom up and zoom away looking back over his shoulder.  He wants you to play chase with him.

Shadow is a handsome rabbit.  He is all over black except for some graying on his nose now that he is older.  His vet tech thinks it gives him a sexier look.  His fur is satin with a beautiful glowing sheen to it.  He has a slim trim athletic build.  He runs like an athlete and has been a fearless jumper.  Not always a smart jumper, but a fearless one.  We had to learn what was needed to keep him safe. 

He has comedy in his soul.  You can always count on Shadow doing something to make you laugh.  One time I was on the floor on all fours face to face with Tigger when I felt something tugging on my oversized T-shirt.  I figured it was Shadow pulling on the hem.  When I glanced down, I realized my shirt was hanging down to the floor and he had hopped inside with me.  Now I was looking at a bunny peeking out at me through the V neck opening.  I felt like Mama Kangaroo looking down at baby peeking out of the pouch.

Shadow is a roamer, always doing the rounds of his territory, checking things out and looking for things to do.  When I am working, I can count on him coming in at times and nudging me on the ankle.  He loves to have his head petted and isn’t afraid to ask for attention.  If you touch his head, you will find yourself with a bunny flopped down and ready for a long haul session.  If your hand strays from his head, you will find the head butting your hand as a reminder to keep focused on his head, stroking his nose and massaging around his ears and cheeks.

Shadow is the rabbit people go to if they want a bunny hug.  He is not thrilled about being picked up, but seems to realize that the humans need it from time to time.  His face reads like a little boy being hugged by female relatives, “All right I know I have to, but let’s make this quick, okay?”

Each rabbit I have come to know well has had a unique combination of traits making up their personality.  It makes it such a wonderful adventure getting to know and love them.

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