Leo’s Latest Thing

Leo's latest trick - role over and play deadThis is as close a picture as I will probably get right now of Leo’s newest trick.  He has done it a few times now and scared me into exclaiming in fear each time which then causes him to bounce up looking at me with that rabbit what the ??? look of surprise.

Anyway, back to the story of this newest trick which is best titled, Role Over and Play Dead.  I will look over at his exercise pen during his afternoon rest time and there he is flat-out on his side, head down, ears down, with one open eye staring straight up at the ceiling and I can’t see any movement or breathing. So I guess alternate titles could be Beached Bunny, or Freak Out Your New Bunny Mommy.

So little Leo clearly sleeps like the dead and looks like it too. If this is going to be a regular Rabbittude gig of his, I am going to have to work on maintaining my composure when I glance over and see it. Tigger had a similar sleeping pose, but she did it with a slightly curled up closed eyed version that looked adorable.  Leo’s take on this pose is coming out looking like flopped out fish on a plate. There is definitely something to be said in this for style variations creating vast differences in point of view.

Next week, finishing up stories of Shadow, on Monday a piece of art showing his sweet appeal …

10 thoughts on “Leo’s Latest Thing

  1. Daisy does this to me all the time! It is just them sleeping, but sometimes I have to scare her awake just to calm my nerves.

    • I hear you on the scaring them awake to calm our nerves, with you on that one! I think what is truly funniest about this is that after experiencing a combined total of 36 years in the lives of four other rabbits, this is the first rabbit I’ve seen actually sleep this way. It just proves that rabbits are so very different and each new rabbit is really a new rabbit.

  2. Jerry does that too occasionally. It’s freaky to see him sleeping with his eye rolled back and the white showing, but he has short fur so I can easily see him breathing and don’t have to disturb him to make sure he’s still alive.

  3. Ok you guys i have yet to see a rabbit, any rabbit, sleep in my house. Either Pikachu is seriously insecure, or he is an insomniac.

  4. I followed your link from your post on Etherbun about Leo’s baby silky hairs. I love finding new rabbit sites, and I like yours A LOT.
    Rabbits Rule!!!
    Brandi in Oklahoma City,
    FattyBun the Jersey Woolly
    Meany Girl the Lionhead
    and my new baby, Not-So-Skinny Minnie the lop!!

    • Thank you for the compliment! We love having new bunny lovers dropping in.

      LOL, we are working through the suggestions for grooming Leo’s fur that we got from the lovely people on Etherbun. He is like a running fur bomb today, little puffs of white fur coming off him with every hop and fussing with all of our grooming attempts.

  5. Oh my word… the first time Tiny fell asleep in bed with me, it FREAKED me out. She was completely passed out, tummy up. It was as if she had been sedated, her limbs limp! I thought I had suffocated her to death. But no… she was just asleep. She did it a couple of times after that, and every time I shook her to wake her up.

    • Leo is now our fifth bunny experience and he is proving that every bunny is a new bunny with new tricks to play. I’m with you on ending up waking him up when I glance over and see his dead to the world sleep. I just can’t help but be making a freaked out noise or move which wakes him up.

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