Now On Duty …

Tiggers' Stuff

This is MY stuff!

We have rabbit supervisors.  There are times when they are out roaming around that you won’t see a bunny at all, until you touch their stuff.  Then bunnies appear in the blink of an eye and are all over you wanting to know what you are doing.

The picture is classic to our supervisors.  We started to clean up their room that we had in our old apartment.  We were using a clean litter pan as a collection of things that needed to be thrown out or put away elsewhere.  Tigger was nowhere to be seen and then we turned around to find she had hopped into the collection pan to guard HER STUFF!  She is literally laying on some things hiding them.

We pull litter boxes out of cages to change them and have to continuously herd rabbits out of the dirty boxes so that we can actually get them out of the room.  The body language speaks volumes.  You know they are saying, “Hey wait just a minute there that is MINE!”

When a cage gets a clean out or things are switched out, a bunny rabbit is hopping in and out and supervising each exchange.  I’ve read about some rabbits being so cage protective that they bite when things are moved or changed.  I am thankful that our rabbit supervisors have never disagreed with us strongly enough to voice displeasure with teeth involved.

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