Rabbits Eye View

Shadow as Art - Bunny Boy Blue

Shadow as Art - Bunny Boy Blue

Shadow hopped into the office and around my feet and sat up on his hind legs looking at me.  He wanted me to follow him.  He led me out onto the landing and just sat there looking up at me, so I sat down on the floor and after a minute laid flat on the floor on my stomach to get closer to him and be able to see him eye to eye. 

That is when Shadow began his game of ring around Mom.  He would hop around me in a circle, stop at my head and look me in the eyes.  He hopped around me a number of times.  Sometimes when he stopped at my face he would just look  me in the eyes, other times, he would hop closer and give me a kiss.  I would pet his head and then he would take off again on his hop around me.  He played this game for several minutes before racing off to other bunny pursuits while I returned to work.

Most people picture having a rabbit as a snuggle bunny to pick up and hold and walk around hugging.  Estimates by rabbit groups are that only about 5% of rabbits like to be picked up and held.  The others react as if the eagle has swooped down and captured them.  They fight for dear life, kicking, scratching and biting.  As a baby, Tigger was like trying to hold a twirling Tasmanian Devil.  I could hold on to her barely as she somersalted and whirled around feverishly in my arms, leaving scratches everywhere her paws connected.  I would come away looking like I had been mauled and she was just a two and a half pound baby bunny. 

I shared this story of Shadow to show how wonderful the interaction with a rabbit can be if you learn to read their body language and put yourself on their level.  The relationship and mutual understanding shared then is just so fun and loving.

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