Repurposing Rabbit Style

Tigger Repurposing a Tray

I am always looking at repurposing things and using them in ways other than the obvious.  When Tigger and Shadow first came to us as babies, they made messes like babies.  They knocked things over, threw things, kicked things.  It happened while they were out.  It happened while they were in and things would land outside their cages.  So I started looking around for some things to reduce the bunny messiness. 
We had some long narrow rectangle green plant trays we weren’t using.  I decided to use them to hold their food bowls in their run area to contain the messy food and water spills.  The long trays also worked well placed beside their cages to catch things that fell or were kicked or thrown out.
Then the bunnies showed me another repurposing, plastic trays as bunny furniture.  Tigger and Shadow both love to use the narrow green plant trays as a bunny couch or bed.  The picture here shows a wider flat plastic tray that Tigger is using as a chaise.
It is a use we would not have thought of or realized they would like if we hadn’t put the trays down on the floor for other uses.  Now when I am in discount stores, I am always on the lookout for things they might like for furniture.  Thank you bunnies for loving something that is easy to clean and inexpensive!   Another funny thing is that they have never tried to chew these and the original green plant trays are still in use ten year later.

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