Shadow’s Favorite Toys

This is a little bit of a trick topic.  If Shadow could chew it, burrow under or in it, dig it or play with it in any way, it would become a favorite toy.  He was so easy to please.  So over the years, we had willow tunnels, Busy Bunny willow chew rings and willow bowls to make hay even more interesting.  We had cardboard chews in various sizes of rings, tubes and tunnels.  We had jute and wood toys / chews and grass mats.  We could give him a pile of newspapers, a phone book, or a pile of shredded paper or drape a sheet over a couple of boxes and he would have a blast. He loved to play with plastic Slinkies and went through quite a few over the years.  He had a such fun with them and it was so funny one time when he stretched one out and then took off running with it trailing out behind him.

Shadow hard at play:


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