Caption Me!


Look Ma! No hands! From Terri Stiffler

How many crunches to work off a Cheerio? From Jean Stecher

Thats the last time I try yoga. From Cayla Kline

Help! Am I coming or going?

I am training for the Bunny Olympics. From Cindy Parker

Oh no, not another ice patch!! I hate winter!!!!!!! From Peggy Parsons

The rabbit is saying "Stay back, I know Bunny-Fu!....oooh-wah!" From Greg Winchell

I've seen Daisy Dog do this & it just looked like so much fun!!

Hey, my feetsies are bigger than my ears!

We just know there is a story with this bunny. What did the bunny do? Or what is the bunny thinking?
Send us your captions and we will post the best ones.

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