Sticky Buns

Label MakerI was so proud of myself this week.  I finally got all my supplies properly organized into containers and used a label maker to put nice clear permanent (I thought) adhesive labels on the containers. 

Then Shadow decided to show me a completely new rabbit trick yesterday evening.  He hopped up to one of the plastic containers, grabbed the adhesive label somehow with his teeth and ripped it off.  I had to grab him and wrestle the label away from him immediately so that I wouldn’t have to find out how bad an adhesive label might mess up a rabbit’s digestive system.

What on earth was he thinking and why would he go after those labels?  Shoot, now what am I going to do? If I take all the labels off, I am back to not knowing what is in the containers.  If I leave them on, Shadow now knows he has something new to mess with.

Arghhh!  Clearly as long as the he is still breathing, Shadow will continue to find new ways and means of getting into things I would never have dreamed of!  The labels weren’t even on a week. Does he notice new things or what?

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