Sweet Bunny Faces

Sweet Leo's FaceThis is a close up of Leo’s face.  It is hard looking at his sweet little face to understand how someone gave him up to a city animal shelter and just walked away from him.

Right from the time I first saw Leo’s face on Petfinder.com, I wanted to meet him. His little face is a lot furrier now than when I first saw it. The shelter thought he was 1 1/2 years old, but that could not have been true, because he was still growing after we got him. He hadn’t reached his full size and didn’t have his adult fur coat until a few months after we brought him home. His fur was a great deal shorter when we first got him a year ago.  He has fluffed out and that sweet face is even cuter now.

Leo like Shadow absolutely loves to have his head petted which is a good thing because that cute face and troll doll mop of fur on his head are hard to resist.  It is so cute when I am petting him and my hand strays to his back or the side of his face and he will burrow his head back under my hand and bump up against my palm with his head, giving the clear message, “Pet my head, my head, my head!”. It is another shade of Shadow when he does that. Shadow too liked head pets best and did the same thing with burrowing his head under my hand and then giving my palm the bump up.

It is so nice to have another sweet little bunny boy around the house.

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