Video Share: LOL Bunnies

This video has lots of shots of cute bunnies and they have added some cute sayings with some of them.

There is one rabbit near the end wanting revenge and I can’t say I would blame that urge at all. So people when you see that one, if you are new to bunnies, do not give rabbits a bath! I am choosing to share this video even though I disagree with that image and the swearing in the final one. This compilation has some cute images and sayings, but also provides a good teaching point. You don’t ever want to see your rabbits wet like that. I don’t care how many places sell shampoos for bunnies or how cute they look or sound. Rabbits do not need to ever to have full bath and be wet like that.

We will have a post later about the only time you would want to consider bringing water and a bunny together other than them drinking it.

If the video isn’t working properly here, a link to it on YouTube: LOL Bunnies

More Dust Bunnies Are On the March!

Dust Bunnies Bumper Sticker

On sale in our CafePress shop now!

A few months back, there was a comment that putting our marching dust bunnies on a bumper sticker would be a great idea. I missed that when it was first posted, but found it recently. It was one of those that is a terrific idea, why didn’t I think of it moments. Today I had the opportunity to create the bumper sticker and the Dust Bunny Bumper sticker is now available in our CafePress shop as a single, a 10 pack or a 50 pack of bumper stickers.

It is wonderful when people contact us through the website or our shops and ask if we can do something based on other things that we have. Many times those are good ideas for things that we can easily do, we just didn’t think of it. So we really appreciate suggestions and questions about whether something is possible.

Some new products we create and occasionally a whole line begins with a suggestion or question from a follower or potential customer. We really appreciate hearing what people think or would like. Sometimes I’ve had beads hiding in a drawer waiting for an idea and someone’s question or comment about what they would like to see for jewelry or an accessory helps me to realize how the beads were meant to be used.

So thank you all for being so wonderful asking questions, providing feedback and suggestions. We appreciate that so much!

Treasured Tuesday – Rabbit Transit – Bunnies On the Move

Bunny Bungalow

Photo ©

More of Shadow hiding in plain sight

Arrow points to Shadow hiding inside


I’m waiting …

This is a blast from the past today since it looks like the Bunny Bungalow has been discontinued. The first image is from one of Busy Bunny’s old catalog pages. We found the Bungalow early on with Tigger and Shadow.

They loved this as a hideout and play area. But they also re purposed the use of this. They liked to have this be a bunny bus.  Shadow in particular loved to hop inside and have us carry him somewhere else in the bunny bus. Sometimes they would both hop in together and just wait there looking at us until we would go and pick the box up making sure that we carried it slowly and close to the ground just in case somebunny decided to make an unexpected departure.

Tigger and Shadow hated to be picked up and held and carried around.  But they were very calm and easy-going when we would give them their bus rides, waiting until the box came to a stop on the ground before disembarking. It seems that having their feet on a floor made a difference to how they felt about being picked up and moved. With the Bunny Bungalow as bus, their chosen rabbit transit, they actively sought to be moving around  in it at times.

Sometimes at night, Shadow would get a bunny bus ride to his cage.  There were evenings he was really avoiding going back in his cage for the night. He would hop all around evading us and then he would hop in to the Bunny Bungalow. We would pick it up, take it to his cage and place one of the openings at his door. If Shadow was in good behavior mode, he would hop in for the night. If he was in bad behavior mode, he would escape out one of the other doors in the bus and we would have to begin again. Sometimes he got a number of bus rides before he decided to call it a night.


Leo Linus

Ah a bunny and his blankie. Leo has now become Leo Linus the Lionhead bunny. Like the character Linus in the comic strip Peanuts, when Leo heads for the comfort of his pen, he takes his blankie with him all around the pen. With Tigger and Shadow, it was hard to give them things made of fabrics, because Shadow tried to consume everything he could sink his teeth into. With them for the sake of Shadow’s digestive health, we had to stick with lots of things made of straw or jute that would be digestible.

When we first saw Leo at the shelter, they had him in a pen that was about 4 feet square with his necessaries: food, water, litter box. The only extras were a cardboard box to hide in and a piece of sweatshirt fabric to play with or also hide under.When we brought him home a year ago, we sought to recreate as much of the environment he was used to as we could.

We created a 6 x 4 foot pen for him with wire cube sets and cable ties and installed his food, water and a corner litter box. We got him some willow accessories and toys that the other buns had liked. We didn’t have an old sweatshirt to sacrifice for him. So we headed off to the fabric store to see what we could find. The sweatshirt fabric piece that the shelter had for him was the type without the fuzzy back, just a smooth weave. That was good because he wouldn’t have consumed lots of fuzz from it if he chewed it. The fabric store only had the fuzzy back type of sweatshirt material, so we started looking at other things. They had blanket fleece on sale and had the really cute paw print pattern you see in the gallery images. We bought a yard and then I cut that down into four pieces, so Leo has four blankies.

As you can see the blankie is a huge hit with Leo. He pulls it all around his pen, snuggling with it, playing with it and using it for warmth too. The last image with him in the tunnel he has actually pulled the blanket up to cover the back part of himself that is extending beyond the tunnel. Everyone once in a while, I have to rescue the blankie from his water bowl when an edge of it falls in and starts to soak up all his water. With four blankies, he always has one that will be clean and dry should he mess up his current one.

Enjoy the gallery and your weekend! More to come next week …

For October


Stayed tuned … bunny fun to come …

Here it is the first day of October and I wanted to get back in gear again with the Rabbittude blog. I’m looking ahead this month and planning to post a new blog post each day sharing bunny stories or photos, along with what we are up to in our studio here and things we have found on the web of interest to bunny lovers.


Plan Ahead for International Rabbit Day 2012

International Rabbit Day 2012

Until last year, I didn’t know that anyone had designated a day to think about rabbits other than the obvious, Easter, which can be a very bad day for live rabbits who go to homes unprepared for their daily longterm care.  Then someone sent me a link to the website Holiday Insights with information about how the day started and the intent to promote the well-being of rabbits.  It is usually set for the Fourth Saturday in September which would be the 22nd this year.

Here is one suggestion for the day:  “Celebrate this special day with your pet rabbit. Learn a little more about him and how to properly care for his needs. If you don’t have a pet, maybe today is the day to get a pet rabbit! ”  Visit the Holiday Insights page for more information on the meaning and origin of International Rabbit Day.

The Etsy Rabbits team is planning to get the word out that the day exists by creating treasuries (Etsy member curated showcases) during September showcasing rabbit themes, items and the shops of Etsy Rabbits team members.  There are currently over 300 members of the team from countries around the world.  Most have shops on Etsy, but those who have buyer accounts on Etsy are welcome to join too. If you love to buy or create bunny rabbit themed items or items for rabbits, check out the team.  Members of the team love living rabbits and many members have one or more big eared friends at home.  Some members are actively involved with assisting rabbit rescue groups.  I will post some links to treasuries soon as more get going creating them and will be creating some treasuries myself.

On Friday, the first story of how we first met Portia bunny rabbit …

There’s a Tigger in Our Kitchen!

Initially, we put Tigger’s cage in the bedroom that we had set up as a combination office / guest bedroom.  We didn’t have the room bunnyproofed at first and Tigger wasn’t litter box trained.  So, when it was time for runtime, we would take her to the kitchen.  The kitchen was both easy to secure by blocking off the only entry into it and easy to clean with linoleum flooring.  Only the spaces around the refrigerator needed blocking. Everything else was cabinets to the floor with no way for a Tigger to disappear or escape.  We blocked one side of the refrigerator by wedging it with a roll of paper towels that she could also chew on while we wedged an upended planter box in to the space on the other side.

We put our regular throw rugs away during Tigger training and purchased some small kitchen rugs that we could easily put in the washer and scattered those on the kitchen floor.  We brought in a litter box filled with paper pellet litter.  We put some cardboard over the only baseboard to prevent her chewing that.  We now had an apartment pet security deposit to protect! We had a washable kitty bed for her to rest on and her carrier with the door off as a hiding box.  She had a water bowl and food bowl on a plant tray to keep those tidy.  The unexpected side benefit of the tray is she liked to flop on it.  The sides supported her and it became bunny furniture.  Tigger also had every bunny loving toy we could think of for her to chew, rattle or throw: empty paper towel rolls, jute / wood small animal chews, cat belled balls, a phone book.

Tigger actually learned to run really well on the linoleum and would go sailing / skating across the floor at unbelievable speed.  Blaine and I would take turns sitting on the floor playing with her and getting her used to both of us.  Here are some of the pictures of those times …

Tigger with toys

What do I want to do first?

Tigger at food bowls

Would you care to explain these weird pellies in with my usual?

Tigger grooming

Okay, what did I hop in? Maybe you should clean the floor more often?

Tigger in litter box

Would it be asking too much for some privacy here please!

Tigger stretched out

Ahhh ... the bunny yoga stretches are so relaxing ...

Coming next week, the Calico bunny rabbit.

Would You Like to Take a Survey?

Rabbit Survey TakerI would like to ask a favor today. If you have just a minute or so, could you pop on over to the Etsy Rabbits team blog and take the poll on the left.  We are looking to increase readers for the blog and have just five items and want to know if those items are of interest to people who might read or follow the blog.  You can pick all the items, some of the items or none of  the items. 

If you have the time and want to leave a longer comment, we would be happy to hear suggestions:

Thank you!

Reminder – International Rabbit Day is Just Days Away

3 bunniesJust a reminder that International Rabbit Day is coming this weekend.  Depending on which source you refer to, it is set for the fourth Saturday or Sunday in September which would be the 24th or 25th this year.  

Here is one suggestion for whichever day you are observing:  “Celebrate this special day with your pet rabbit. Learn a little more about him and how to properly care for his needs. If you don’t have a pet, maybe today is the day to get a pet rabbit! ” 

Click here to go to Holiday Insights for more information on the meaning and origin International Rabbit Day.

Reminder – 1 Week Until International Rabbit Day

3 bunniesJust a reminder that International Rabbit Day is a week away.  It is set for the Fourth Saturday in September which would be the 24th this year.  *Note: Some pick the fourth Sunday to celebrate. 

Here is one suggestion for the day:  “Celebrate this special day with your pet rabbit. Learn a little more about him and how to properly care for his needs. If you don’t have a pet, maybe today is the day to get a pet rabbit! ” 

Click here to go to Holiday Insights for more information on the meaning and origin International Rabbit Day.

The Etsy Rabbits team is celebrating all of September through Sunday the 25th, the day Etsy chose to celebrate International Rabbit Day.  Check out the Etsy Rabbits team blog for the growing list of treasuries of great handmade rabbit items on Etsy, including items by team members.  There are items that are rabbit themed and things on Etsy for your rabbit too.

Invitation to International Rabbit Day

Invitation to International Rabbit Day

Click on image above to go to treasury and view items

Okay, so yesterday I said today I would have a bit of a surprise.  Surprise, I goofed when I created this yesterday and it was released on Etsy from the wrong user account instead of Rabbittude as I had intended. Then I almost forgot to post it today. So, doubly embarrassed rabbit here. While I was getting this post ready, I was surprised when a leader on the Etsy Rabbits team pointed out that Etsy has the day listed on their dates to remember for September as being, Sunday the 25th.

So isn’t that just the way with event planning. Two coordinators check dates with different people or sources and the next thing you know, you have people being notified about two different dates. For Etsy we will make it the International Rabbits Day WEEKEND, September 24 – 25th.

Whoo Hoo!   We will get ready for a two-day party of rabbits bouncing around and into view as much as possible as we treasure the days by creating lots of treasuries to promote the now over 100 shops of the Etsy Rabbits team members.