Perils in Post a Day Blogging

Well, I was intending to write about our Rabbittude Posse.  I will have to try that again another time since the universe has signaled that I wasn’t meant to post that one right now.  The intended blog piece was completely finished.  I was reading it in the preview window, looking for any final edits still needed.  Something burped or hiccupped on WordPress and I was returned to the edit screen where only the final sentence of my blog remained.  I  tried, but could not recover the rest.  What the ???  

WordPress ate my blog!

LOL, this is Internet burp / hiccup learning lesson #288 (16 years x 12 months x approximately 1.5 occurrences per month).  So, if I want to successfully blog twice a day for the next few months, I should be doing my initial draft off  the Internet cloud.  Then I will have a starting copy to return to if one of those frustrating burps or hiccups hit again when I am flying along full speed. 

Note to self, always always always have another copy saved someplace else.  I figure if I write this down in a very public way, perhaps I will save myself from lesson #289.