Saturday Thoughts and News


Late last night, I discovered that our Etsy shop has received Google syndication so that it appears in the Google shopping results. This has been a hotly debated subject on Etsy since the rollout for this syndication of Etsy shops began sometime last year. I have seen reports from shops that it helped a lot while other sellers say they haven’t seen any difference at all in their views or sales.

With a tough economy though, many want to believe that getting into that extra place will be the thing that gets them to the sales level they are seeking. So the slowness of Etsy and Google making this happen for all Etsy sellers is causing a lot of negativity. Many of the unsyndicated feel they aren’t on an even playing field. 

The jury is out for us on this one until some time has passed.  Since summer is a slower time for people looking for bunny rabbit items, unless they are a true rabbit enthusiast, it may not make much difference for us receiving this syndication now. Springtime would have provided a better testing time for Rabbittude.  We will keep to our plans and see what this does or doesn’t do for our views and sales going forward. At least now in the Google shopping, items from our CafePress store and Etsy shop are appearing together to give people who are finding us for the first time a wider variety of choices.

Learning we were syndicated did prompt a really good look over all our current listings to make sure they met the rules to be picked up by the feed.  I was editing late into the night.  Then this morning Blaine was going back through and reviewing, looking for typos or things that didn’t make sense.  That provided a funny view of the difference in how the guys view descriptions.  Blaine told me I had a problem on one listing.  I asked which one and his response was, “the silver bunny earrings with violet whatevers”.  Which was his translation of  Sterling Bunny Rabbit Earrings, Violet Swarovski Butterflys.

Changing subjects to Poo in review:  In The Wonderful World of Bunny Poo, I talked about a Creative Breakroom challenge I had seen for “Jars O Crap”.  Even though the challenge is past, I was going to do an upscaled bunny poo in a jar product picture and description a la that challenge theme for fun.  However, my rabbits aren’t the poo producers I had thought.  Well they are, but they aren’t as messy outside the box as I thought which is the best means of collecting clean dry poo.  Either they have gotten very tidy right when I decided to collect a small jar of their random poos, or they were never as messy as I assumed.  Live and learn.  If I ever get a jar collected, I will do a blog post with my hypthetical product listing. 

Tomorrow I will share some photos.  The first week of August has been designated as a Simplify Your Life week.  So, I have posts planned starting Monday on how to simplify and make things easier with house rabbits as part of the household equation.  I will share a lot of the things we have discovered and learned that have helped us.

New at Rabbittude !!!

Bun Appetit
Bun Appetit stoneware rabbit food bowls in small and large size

Today we are announcing a new set of products available in our CafePress shop with our new Bun Appetit design!  Bunnies can go on a feeding frenzy with their own Bun Network star chefs.  We also have our new Shops page loaded here on the blog to show you some previews of what you can buy in our shops.

Bunny Now an Zen …

Japanese Crest

Inspiration: Mandarin Orange Flower Crest

Bunny Now and Zen Design

Bunspiration: Bunny Now and Zen Design

Looking back over the past ten years with Tigger has me thinking a lot of now and then.  Recently paging through a book of Japanese crests, one just looked so much like a couple of lop eared bunny rabbits that it inspired me to create a bunny rabbit crest.  Since I was thinking about then and now with Tigger and Shadow and I just really go for the bunny puns, the title for the design became Bunny Now and Zen

The design is now available on products in our CafePress Rabbittude Shop. Some handmade items with the design are in the planning stages for our Etsy shop. ~ Rebecca Pullin

Bunny Now and Zen Pajama Set