Follow Friday – Oxbow Hay Company

Tigger in Oxbow Hay Bin

Now this is getting into your food. Tigger is in a bin full of Oxbow hay.

Both Tigger and Shadow have been on Oxbow Hay Company products since they were babies.  These products were recommended by the first vet we took Tigger to and we have used them ever since.  For a number of years we had to order straight from Oxbow. 

A lot has changed in 10 years.  They discontinued their own online store as they became available from a number of sellers online as well as more local vets and retail stores.  Here is their Find Products page.

What we noticed right away when we would get shipments of their products is how wonderful the box smelled when you opened it up.  It was like opening a walk in sunny field.  The hays look good, nice colors and texture.  I would be interested if I was a bunny. 

There is variety to choose from which is a good thing since the bunnies do have preferences about the hay.   As babies, they were on the alfalfa hay and pellets and when they reached adult weight, we switched them over to the less fattening timothy based pellets and hay.  We tried the Bunny Brome, Meadow Grass and Oat hays.  Our bunnies voted paws down on the Bunny Brome and Meadow Grass, but like the Oat hay for variety with their Timothy hay. 

We get the Oxbow Papaya tablets.  There are mixed reviews whether that helps rabbit digestion or not.  Ours like the taste as a treat, so they get a serving a day.

Oxbow also has a Critical Care Formula that is available through vets.  This is a formula that is mixed with water to force feed to rabbits who have stopped eating on their own, usually due to stasis.  Being able to get something like this from the vet can really help to nurse a rabbit through a crisis.  We used this when Tigger experienced stasis last summer.

This is a company who has helped us to feed our rabbits well and keep them nutritionally healthy for 10 years.  We would recommend them to others. If you aren’t familiar with the company they have foods for lots of small animals: guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, hamsters / gerbils / mice and reptiles. 

Just as so many on Twitter suggest others on Follow Friday, here in the blog on Fridays, I intend to share things I would recommend to others.  Sometimes it will be things for or about bunnies or lovely rabbit themed items and art.  Other times, I will share non bunny things.  After all the rabbits do hop off to their own pursuits too.

Later today I have a rabbit video to share.