Simplify Your Life Week – Bungee & Alligator Images

Bungee Cord Holding Water Bottle

Small bungee cord holding baby Shadow's water bottle

Alligator elastic clip holding haybin

Alligator elastic clip holding adult Shadow's haybin

Clips and rugs for resin furniture

As promised yesterday, here are images of bungee cords and elastic alligator clips in use for bunnies.  The last photo shows an outdoor resin storage bench that we had in the bunny room in our apartment.  It stored stuff for them, but you can see they loved it too.  We used some small rugs to make it a comfortable less slippery place for them to hang out.  We held the rugs to the arm with elastic alligator sheet clips front and back and used giant metal paperclips to hold the arm rugs to the seat rug.

The bench backed up against a window and the bunnies loved to wiggle through the holes in the bench onto the window ledge which we had to cover with cardboard to protect it from teething.  They would often take naps in the afternoon on the bench or the window ledge.  We had a second floor apartment.  I wondered if anyone looking up and seeing animals sleeping in the window ever realized it was rabbits and not cats.

I will have a follow friday suggestion later this evening.