Treasury Tuesday – We Saw the Merbunny!

Merbunny Etsy Treasury

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For anyone who would like that summertime feel with bunnies included, here is an Etsy treasury I created today.

Honorable Mention in NonTeam Challenge #35

Etsy Treasury - Robot Infiltrates Home Attempting to Blend In

I just found out that my robot infiltration treasury has earned kudos.  This week there were 209 treasuries in the NonTeam Challenge.  I am honored to have my treasury chosen as one of 10 Honorable Mentions. It was a lot of fun creating this with Quentin the Robot by Snookums & Me as the inspiration item for the treasury.    It was also great to read the judge’s comments and find positive mention there too for the creativity of my treasury.  Thank you, thank you, positive feedback is always welcome!

Tuesday Treasury – Animal Quirks Mode

Animal Quirks Mode Etsy Treasury

I was in the mood for a laugh. So I created this quirky animal treasury on Etsy.

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A treasury for Thursday – Twacking Wabbits

Etsy Treasury - Twacking Wabbits
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Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh, Elmer would be having a bwast twacking wabbits on Etsy in this year of the wabbit!

Another Treasury … Nesting

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Since I think in images, I have created a couple lovely treasuries today.  Switching to pictures is the most natural thing for me to do when I find my energy level lagging a bit.  It is like dropping back into my native language.  Enjoy! 

A Treasury for Tuesday

Under an Orange Moon Etsy Treasury
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Under an Orange Moon:

I was inspired by the lovely moon Raku fired art tile by Davis-Vachon Gallery, a member of the Etsy Rabbits team.  Half of the items in this treasury were created by members of the Etsy Rabbits team.  Enjoy!

The Rabbittude Posse

Rabbittude Posse

The Rabbittude Posse: Tigger, Portia, Shadow

The Rabbittude Posse is our current Rabbittude brand art.  You see the three bunnies here in our blog header and in the header we use most of the year for our Etsy shop.

Tigger and Shadow were obvious choices for this since they have been with us so long.  Portia was a sweet gray Chinchilla rescue rabbit we adopted.  She lived with us for just three years.  Then an unknown heart defect took her swiftly from us.

Why do we call this Rabbittude Posse?  They meet one urban definition: a group of friends, people who may or may not have your back.  Tigger and Shadow have always had a strange relationship.  You see bunnies in pictures all snuggled up together.  They do behave like that much of the time, but they also like to spend a lot of time apart.   Their relationship has been a bit on again, off again.  They have never sought to harm each other, but they fuss with each other at times.  They decidedly prefer to have separate cages when they need to be locked up.  When travelling to the vet, they prefer to be together.  They sit side by side in the carrier, one facing forward while the other faces back.  You can read the body language that they have banded together as buns against the world.   

During their longest off time, we had a really stupid idea.  We thought that bringing in a third bunny might be like bringing in a mediator.    Shadow was prepared to be friends until Portia bit him on the nose.  Tigger and Portia were hostile at first sight.  We never let them come together.  Shadow and Tigger did band together, against Portia who was quite happy to form her own bunny camp of one.  We ended up with separate rabbit territories.  Tigger and Shadow got the second and third floors.  Portia got the ground floor.  We humans were left navigating over and around multiple baby gates, making sure none of the rival rabbit gangs came together in a bunny rumble.

Although the three bunnies never hopped together physically, they all shared the same Rabbittude.  That is why we show them as a group in the artwork.  Early on with Rabbittude, many asked why we showed backsides of bunnies instead of cute faces.  Ah, that would not speak of rabbittude.  As prey animals, rabbits keep their eyes and ears sharply focused, always scanning for danger.  When you see bunny behinds, you are officially being dismissed and ignored by a rabbit as being of no consequence.   Usually, they are miffed.  We have lost count of the number of times we have found ourselves telling a rabbit, “Don’t you dare turn your back on me!”  That is usually followed by the rabbit giving a glance back over their shoulder with a sniff, before pointedly turning away again.  Ah rabbittude!

You can see the several versions of the Rabbittude Posse design on items in our CafePress store.  In our Etsy shop, the Rabbittude Posse appears on an ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) print.

Follow Friday – An Etsy Find: Bellina Creations

Green Jade Bronze Wire Wrapped Birds Nest Ring

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Sapphire Blue Quartz Necklace

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Catseye And Copper Wire Wrapped Marble Sea Glass Necklace

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For my second Follow Friday post today, I have an Etsy find, jewelry artist Bonnie of Bellina Creations.  I have really just started to get to know her as the captain of the Etsy team, Lean on Me.  I can see already I am going to enjoy the very positive atmosphere she has created in the team threads and the many friendly people who have been drawn to the team.

This is a find, she just opened her shop less than six months ago.  Reading her profile I see she is one of the many who have become unemployed in this economy.  In her own words she is “taking a leap of faith and finding a different road”.

You will find lovely jewelry in her shop that is beautifully photographed.  I picked three favorite pieces to showcase here.   She currently has over 120 handcrafted jewelry items.

I love what she shares about her sea glass: 

But sea glass has a little piece of my heart. The reason behind this is that I put so much of myself into it. Each piece is found by me and can take days sometimes weeks to find a jewelry quality piece. Seeing that little shining gem lying amongst the rocks and sand is like finding a treasure!

I think there are many treasures waiting in her shop, so check her out:

Shadow Turns 10!

Shadow loves the sunshine

Shadow in his favorite place, soaking up the sunshine.

Ten years ago, sometime between now and the first week of May, Mr. Shadow was born.  We brought him home on Independence Day when he was two months or so old. He bounced into our lives with such joyous abandon.  He always keeps us smiling.

He still runs around like a crazy bunny, but not as often or fast.  He still wants to hop onto everything and leap from furniture piece to furniture piece.  The bunny spirit is very willing, but the body can’t keep up anymore and he has started to miss the mark.  We aren’t fond of looking at bunny x-rays at the vet.  So we keep a close eye on his activities. We relocate him as a distraction when he is clearly thinking about training for the bunny Olympics one more time.

Celebrate International Carrot Day

International Carrot Day Treasury on Etsy

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Seriously, as rabbit lovers,  this was irresistible.   Twitter users started sharing the link over the weekend for International Carrot Day, April 4th. Logically, an Etsy treasury devoted to carrots had to follow, with a few carrot loving rabbits too.

Here’s a carrot fact from Bugs Bunny cartoon history. The voice of Bugs, Mel Blanc, hated carrots. They tried all kinds of fruits and vegetables to see if biting in and crunching something else could sound like a carrot. Nothing but a carrot sounded like a carrot. So Mel would bite in and crunch on the carrots and then spit them out.

Sorry Mel, but for us it is time to pause and get our paws on some lovely carrots!

April Fool’s Day Fun and Silliness

Silly Rabbits & Friends Etsy Treasury for April Fool's Day

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At Rabbittude, we are always up for a good laugh year round, so we would wish for more than one day dedicated to silliness, laughter and fun.  Ah, well, that is why we have bunnies to keep us going with foolishness in between.  We will make do with the day we have to be our completely quirky, wacky selves today.

Here is a treasury I created of wonderful lighthearted fun things made by Etsy artisans:  Silly Rabbit’s & Friends for April Fool’s Day.

Great Blog Post Alert!  The Rabbittude Get Off My Tail bumper sticker has been included in this wonderful Feature Friday blog by Frostings sharing humorous Etsy items for April Fool’s Day:  It is wonderful to be included here, but I am not posting it here just to brag (okay, bragging just a little bit).  I think this is a great list of Etsy items, they all made me laugh and smile.  I am really partial to the take off on Keep Calm and Carry On created by Sad Little Crown, Fling Yourself on the Bed and Cry Uncontrollably.  It reminds me so much of’s parody of beautiful photo art motivational training posters.  Sometimes the motivational stuff just really doesn’t do it and you have to let it all out and then move on.  ~Rebecca Pullin

Treasury Blitz for the Georgia Etsy Team

Nature Walk Treasury

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Moms Zoo Etsy treasury

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Handmade Georgia Etsy treasury

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It was a blast this morning participating in a treasury blitz for the Georgia Etsy team.  Our goal was to increase the visibility of Georgia Etsy team shops, all based in Georgia USA. We had a number of team members creating treasuries, clicking and commenting on the treasuries and promoting them on their other teams and social networks. It was a flurry of treasury activity between 7 and 10 am this morning.

Around noon, more than a dozen of the treasuries had made it to the top ten pages of the Etsy Treasury.  That is so wonderful to see when there are currently over 24,000 treasuries. We are celebrating that all three of the Rabbittude treasuries made it to page seven or above, with the Nature Walk Finds making it to page two!  Georgia Etsy Team Caption Mod MomMe  had all three of her treasuries make it to page one: Honey and Chocolate, Simply Seafoam, She Is Beautiful.  Awesome! We are honored that our new butter yellow freshwater pearl bunny rabbit bracelet was featured in the Honey and Chocolate treasury.

This was a golden opportunity to meet some new Georgia friends online and help to promote each other.  I hope this will be an activity that we can continue in the future and bring more views and sales to all the wonderful artisans on the team. 

Due to the Georgia Blitz and the start of spring, Rabbittude has been included in a baker’s dozen of treasuries during the past day,  the Honey and Chocolate listed above and these other lovely treasuries:

We are honored to have been included. Click on them and enjoy not only Rabbittude, but all the other wonderful Etsy artisans this spring.