For October


Stayed tuned … bunny fun to come …

Here it is the first day of October and I wanted to get back in gear again with the Rabbittude blog. I’m looking ahead this month and planning to post a new blog post each day sharing bunny stories or photos, along with what we are up to in our studio here and things we have found on the web of interest to bunny lovers.


Story Time

Once Upon a Time … Under a Full Bunny Moon …

Full Bunny Moon

Courtesy of Leo the Lionhead

There is always something to learn with each new rabbit. With Leo it was experiencing this full bunny moon. I did not realize until this shot that there was an angle for him that was nothing but solid white fur. Then the next realization was that a solid white bunny butt was giving me the very first feeling of truly and memorably being mooned by a rabbit.

Oh and that image on the home page with the snowy white cloud look is actually up close and personal with Leo’s tail.

LOL … more fun to come …

Shadow Had a Rabbittude Trainer


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Tigger provided baby Shadow with a huge learning advantage.  Until both bunnies could be fixed, we kept them in separate side by side cages with separate run times for them.  Tigger was two months ahead of Shadow in learning what she could … Continue reading