Follow Friday – The Bad Bunny List

Hairy Beast - Bad Bunny
Using the Twitter idea of Follow Friday, I am going to share two things today that I love and recommend.

Here is the intro provided on the site for my first,  
The Bad Bunny List:

The Bad Bunny List (241 kB, 24 pages) is a list of phrases rabbit ownees should get their naughty pets to write on a blackboard a la Bart Simpson. If you could get them to write…

I found this list just after we brought Tigger home 10 years ago in mid May.  I was searching online for help in dealing with our new baby bunny’s destructive tendencies and her ability to manage to get everywhere we were trying to keep her out of, off of, or away from.

This list had me in tears laughing.  I think the humor of dealing with a house rabbit can be greatly appreciated by all animal lovers.  However, if you want to check out their other bad pet lists, here is the home page link:

As a brand new rabbit parent after a long period without the thump of bunny feet around the house, the list was instructive.  Tigger was already showing herself to be over the top with her desire to get into things and way beyond my experience to keep up mentally with what she might try next.  I needed serious help in bunnyproofing to keep her safe and maintain my sanity dealing with an animal who seemed to have a suicidal streak. 

Reading this list, I would laugh and then look at Tigger and think, “You just might try that and I better find a way to deal with it!”  The Bad Bunny list provided me with so much information on things I could not have imagined a rabbit might try. I was much better prepared to deal with rascally rabbittude rabbits after reading the list.

Later today, I will share an artist I like to follow.