Blogging Along – Dropping In Titles

Bunny ScanningWhen I said I was going to blog twice a day thru Labor Day and then once a day the rest of the year, I scared myself a bit.  I thought how am I going to come up with enough topics?  The logical side of my brain started counting and freaked out.  Sometimes my analytical left brain is not happy with what the more spontaneous right side has promised.  I am both right and left-handed, so I move back and forth between logical and creative pursuits.  Life is all about keeping the right balance.

It started me thinking about topics a lot. I noticed that more ideas started popping into my mind. My subconscious seems to have settled itself and gotten with the program.  It is scanning for possible subjects now and bringing them up to my conscious mind more.

I found I needed a way to catch all of my ideas quickly before I lost them to my subconscious again.  If I was close to my computer, I would come here to the blog, add a new post and drop the idea into the title.  Then I save the post as a draft.  When I am not able to get to the computer, I am keeping pen and paper handy and making notes.  Then when I get back on the computer, I add new draft posts and drop the subjects in the title box and save them.

Following this plan, I now have about 50 draft titles to look through and choose from.  I can work with them as I please.  I can drop in links,  images, more ideas  or write the whole post start to finish.

Since this is working really well for me in blogging along, I wanted to share the tip with others.