We’re Still in the UK and …

Hillbilly Internet Headquarters

Hillbilly Internet Headquarters

Okay, I woke up groggy once again this morning with my now usual Benadryl hangover and we are still in the  UK according to Etsy. I tried to get on with the business of the day which included lots of work on a website due to go live tomorrow.  I was working furiously to get some of the final edits in place and upload the site to the internet.

Right in the middle of the upload, my cable internet service goes out, again.  I have lost count of the thousands of times we have lost the internet service over the years we have been with the only business level provider to our area. 

I picture the company as having a headquarters like the picture here.  Everything about the service seems to be holding together just about as well as this ramshackle shack which is just barely.

Sigh …  At least Shadow has come off his Baytril and is bouncing around and has regained a lot of appetite.  He seems to be healthier than he has been in months and wants to get into all kinds of things and places.  Tigger is still a concern.  Her appetite fluctuates widely day-to-day.  She regularly has gas issues, no mistaking that skunky smell.  She is on again off again for pain and gas meds and feedings of Critical Care based on her activity, eating and comfort level.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a little less crazy than so many days have been this month.

Perils in Post a Day Blogging

Well, I was intending to write about our Rabbittude Posse.  I will have to try that again another time since the universe has signaled that I wasn’t meant to post that one right now.  The intended blog piece was completely finished.  I was reading it in the preview window, looking for any final edits still needed.  Something burped or hiccupped on WordPress and I was returned to the edit screen where only the final sentence of my blog remained.  I  tried, but could not recover the rest.  What the ???  

WordPress ate my blog!

LOL, this is Internet burp / hiccup learning lesson #288 (16 years x 12 months x approximately 1.5 occurrences per month).  So, if I want to successfully blog twice a day for the next few months, I should be doing my initial draft off  the Internet cloud.  Then I will have a starting copy to return to if one of those frustrating burps or hiccups hit again when I am flying along full speed. 

Note to self, always always always have another copy saved someplace else.  I figure if I write this down in a very public way, perhaps I will save myself from lesson #289.