A Brief Note Today

Normally I try to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today hasn’t been so normal. I was kept up last night with what seemed like extreme allergy, eye and sinus problems on one side of my head. It got worse this morning.  So, I have been to the Emergency Room today and gotten a full work up including blood work and a CAT scan. Now that they have ruled out things worse than a sinus infection, I can start to take what they prescribed for that. Meanwhile this evening I am quite tired from whatever they gave me to prevent any claustrophobic freaking out over the CAT scan machine.

So tomorrow and Friday, I will share the last stories and pictures of Shadow on his own. Next week I will have stories of Portia and what it was like to bond Tigger & Shadow.

Hit the Wall …

CrackLast Saturday, working through stasis with Tigger, I wrote about how our energy levels were hitting the wall.  Well, I literally did hit the wall later in the weekend by walking into it late in the evening.  This is now the second time in my life that I have broken a toe doing that.

I found out the first time I did it that there is a name for it, Night Walker’s Fracture.  It happens a lot when people are really tired and not paying attention or get up at night and don’t bother with glasses or lights.  There you are banging your toes against the wall / furniture or catching them like I did on a corner and you stub one or more hard enough to cause a break. 

Thank heavens for warm Georgia weather, flip-flops and ice!  Thankfully Tigger and I are both on the road to recovery now.

And Then There Was the Plan …

Laptop User Celebrating

Tomorrow - the theme is red!

There are so many parts of Rabbittude now!  The bunnies have just gotten in to everything.  Here is the plan for the blog: 

Mon-Thur: Posts about living with house rabbits or what Rabbittude is up to. I plan to blog twice a day through Labor Day and then daily the rest of the year. *CliffsNotes: Our website is currently outdated, we know. An overhaul is in the planning stages to update and integrate it with the blog. When that happens, the blog address should remain the same:  http://blog.rabbittude.com.

Fri: A la Twitter, I will have Follow Friday recommendations.  Many will be rabbit related, but I do actually sneak off from the rabbits from time to time.  So there will be other things I find really appealing.  In addition to bunnies I love humor, nature, photography, jewelry, sewing, crafts and things with Asian flair. 

Sat: Saturdays for me are a day to wrap up and look ahead.  I might have bunny stories or instead will share things I found helpful to me during the week.  In a tough economy, I like to share where I can to help others out.  Expect some sneak peaks of whats ahead.

Sun: You can expect on Sundays to see my two favorite photographic subjects, rabbits and nature. WordPress has been posting weekly Photo Challenge ideas.  I’m pulling from my photo archives now for some of those themes.  Summer’s approach is making me think of ways to combine photography with having fun. 

Rabbits are ziggety zaggety little beings who hop where current conditions dictate.  I hope you will enjoy following the Rabbittude blog.  However, if I am not enjoying the plan or I see readers are not,  it will be a rabbit style plan and adjust course as needed.  Comments on what you like or don’t are welcome.

So What Is Rabbittude?


Rabbittude is the combination of two words, rabbit & attitude.  That is simple, but what is the real meaning, the flavor of the word?

To get technical rabbits or bunnies are small mammals in the Lagomorph order.  The male is a buck, the female is a doe and a baby rabbit is a kitten or kit. On the non tech human side, say rabbit and the response from many is ” …. awww bunnies, I love their fur, their big ears, their twitchy little noses, their personalities, soooo cute!”

According to Wikipedia, attitude is a person’s perspective toward a specified target and way of saying and doing things .  Take the last paragraph where I talk about rabbits and combine it with this definition.  There are two versions of rabbittude:

  1. In rabbits – A rabbit is comfortable enough in their environment to display their individual personality which can range widely from sweet and snuggly to quite sassy and bold.
  2. In humans – A deep love of rabbits.

To truly see the rabbit version of rabbittude, you have to experience a live rabbit when it is comfortable and just hanging out and being a bun.  Now I am not recommending that anyone go out right now and get one as a pet, because rabbits can be a huge committment.  Our current rabbits are now ten years old.  That is a huge chunk of time if a rabbit is not your taste.  It is also a very sad situation for rabbits each year who are turned in to shelters or abandoned outside.  Here is what I will share here:

  • Stories from twenty years experience living with rabbits – happy, sad, hilarious, you will get the full rabbit experience
  • Information and resources on rabbit care
  • Bunnyproofing tips & tricks for anyone who has a really feisty totally rabbittude rabbit 

When I see the second version of rabbittude in humans, I usually see a collector of rabbits.  You may have several pet rabbits or be involved in rabbit rescue work.  Or you may not have live rabbits at all but love to collect art, figurines, comics, books or other items that feature rabbits.  You may be a combination collector and have both live rabbits and surround yourself  with rabbit items.  I am a combination rabbit collector.  Live rabbit collectors will enjoy what I already outlined above.  For you collectors who like rabbits to stay where you put them, you will enjoy:

  • Rabbit themed finds by other artists and crafters
  • Some guest blogs or interviews
  • What I am currently creating – I will be working to bring you into the process 

Move forward with Rabbittude.  Later today I will share just how many bunnies you can fit into a half bath.

From Post a Week to Post a Day …

2011 Resolution Redux In January, I committed to blog once each week for all of 2011.  There have been ups and downs in that with the right number along the way, but not necessarily each week.  So now I am upping the game plan for the blog and doing a redux of the resolution and aiming to meet the post a day challenge from here on out.

It won’t be easy, I need to do two posts a day for a few months to catch up to the challenge. I want to do this now because the severe weather here in Georgia has been such a reminder of how little we understand of how much time we really have.  There are so many stories I want to tell about our rabbits to give others who would like to consider a house rabbit a fuller picture of what they can expect.  If you hop into house rabbit ownership, I also want to help you out with all of the bunnyproofing tips and tricks we have learned over the years.   Then there are all the inspirational ideas that come from our rabbits for art, jewelry and other products that we will share for other bunny lovers to buy and enjoy. 

I hope you will enjoy following along with Rabbittude.  Rabbits aren’t terribly predictable creatures and I am like that too.  Expect some hopping around in topics and themes and stories.  If you like it, you may be a rabbit person too!   


Rebecca Pullin of Rabbittude