On the Flip Side

Nap time for Tigger & Shadow

We pulled the sheet off our cage and now we are napping on it.

Tigger is still on the mend.  She is eating a bit more on her own each day and is a great deal more active.  She went from a flopped out zero speed to full out run last night.  She wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to zoom into the gate opening when we were coming into her area.  She took off upstairs for a while.  She has started to use the litter box again and has lost the poopy butt problem.

So, why did we go to the vet first thing today?  We had to take Shadow in.  Shadow has allergies and Georgia is having big time problems with high pollen counts this year.  The poor boy regularly sneezes and swallows a lot so we know he has a post nasal drip.  He has been in a couple of times this spring to be checked out for the allergies and ear problems.  The sneezes are usually dry irritated sneezes.  Late yesterday they switched over to very wet sneezes with a wheezy sound on the end.  We don’t need to have a bunny go from allergies to bronchitis or pneumonia, so off to vet we went.

The good news is that Shadow’s lungs are clear.  The vet says a lot of animals are having issues with pollen allergies here this year.  That doesn’t surprise me at all, since the human animals in our house are having a tough time with it too.  So we have all the doses for human and animal antihistamines now.  We have a prescription for antibiotics in case he becomes a great deal more congested.  There aren’t any exotic vets at any of the animal hospitals in our area, so they are helping us to be prepared in case he should get really sick on an evening or weekend.

Everybunny is now going to be getting feedings of Oxbow Critical Care.  It will aid Tigger to keep her GI tract moving.  The vet suggested some feedings of it for Shadow now too since he is having problems keeping his weight up.  He has lost a little more weight each visit the past few months.  His appetite is terrible which I can completely understand.  The allergies are probably making everything taste awful or he might have an irritated mouth and throat.  Poor bunny!