A Trio of Treasuries to Increase Visibility for the Etsy Createability Team

I Went to a Garden Party

I Went to a Garden Party

Be a Doll

Be a Doll

Chicks Talking

And So I Said and Then She Said ...

Earlier this month, I created a trio of treasuries featuring lots of members of the Etsy Createability Team as part of a treasury blitz weekend to increase visibility for team members’ shops and the team. The team is made up of shopkeepers who are disabled or caring for someone who is disabled.

The treasuries are still up on Etsy and can be viewed full size by clicking on each of the three treasury images here.  Once you have the treasury open, you can click on individual items to view them full size or explore the featured shops.

Have fun window shopping or buying some of these lovely handmade items!

Softly Whisper to Me … a Treasury

Softly Whisper to Me ...

Softly Whisper to Me ...

This is a treasury I created based things that are oh so soft … a lover’s touch, baby kisses, furry brushes against my leg, soft whispers in my ear …

Click on the picture to go to the treasury on Etsy.   Once you have the treasury open,  you can click on each of the items to view the full details or explore more items in these wonderful shops.


Time for a Light Refreshing Lemon Punch, a Treasury

Time for a Light Refreshing Lemon Punch

Time for a Light Refreshing Lemon Punch

This treasury is made up of items by members of the Handmadeology team.  
The colors I found were so light, bright and refreshing, they made me think of lemonade or lemon punch with bright berries for garnish.


Enjoy the sunny colors on these wintry days!  Click on the image to go to the treasury on Etsy.

A Month of Treasuries: Leading Off with Cue the Rabbits… Enter Bouncing

Cue the Rabbits ... Enter Bouncing

Cue the Rabbits ... Enter Bouncing

February has been a month of creating Etsy treasuries.  I love to window shop and it is such fun to create a treasury of the great items I find to share with others.  This treasury includes items by Etsy Rabbits team members.

If you love rabbits and are registered on Etsy, consider joining the EtsyRabbits team.  Membership is open to both buyers and sellers. 

Click here to join the Etsy Rabbits Team:  http://www.etsy.com/teams/7580/etsy-rabbits

Rabbittude Interviewed

Rabbittude OfficeAs team captain for the new Etsy Rabbits Team, Rabbittude was profiled for the first in a series of interviews of the artists behind the team shops.

One of our trusted rabbit assistants monitored our office and computers while we participated in answering the questions for the interview. 

 Read the interview here:  http://etsyrabbits.blogspot.com/2011/02/etsy-rabbit-team-profiles-rabbittude.html

Anticipation …

Grand Opening Promo

Will You Bring Me Home?

We have one bunny left in the promo we started to celebrate every 10 sales leading up to 100 at the Rabbittude Etsy shop.  The big chocolate Russ bunny rabbit is hopping with anticipation to head out to a new home. 

We are at 97 sales and whoever is the 100th sale at the Rabbittude Etsy shop will also get our big brown bunny rabbit with the bunny slippers!

Blog A Week Resolution …

2011 ResolutionWe received news of the WordPress.com 2011 challenge to blog each day or week.  We commit to blogging each week. Rather than just thinking about doing it, we are starting right now.  We will be posting on this blog at least once a week for all of 2011.

It won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore we will make use of The Daily Post, and the community of other bloggers with similar goals, to help along the way, including asking for help when needed and encouraging others when we can.

We hope you’ll encourage with comments and likes, and good will along the way.



Enter Etsy Rabbits Team

Etsy Rabbit Team Logo

Click on Logo to go to the team page & you can join if you are an Etsy member

This week on Etsy, we started the Etsy Rabbits team and will serve as team captain.  We created this team to help bunny rabbit lovers, both buyers and sellers, have a place to get together on Etsy and celebrate bunny rabbit love / addiction!

There is a lot of attention on rabbits in this Year of the Rabbit. This was a good time to begin a team to promote all the wonderful bunny rabbit, cottontail and hare items created by Etsy artisans and make it easier for bunny rabbit lovers to find what they love!

About the team: Put your best bunny forward and do the bunny hop. A team for Etsy illustrators,­ designers, crafters and buyers who love bunny rabbits.

Who can join? If you love to buy or create bunny rabbit themed items or items created for pet rabbits, this is your team. 

***Please, no shops that use rabbit skins or furs.

You can follow the team too:
Blog – http://etsyrabbits.blogspot.com
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/etsyrabbits