Sunning Our Buns

Shadow loves the sunshineWe never gave much thought to the possibility of the bunnies liking the sunshine. You usually don’t see rabbits out in the heat of the day. Our bunnies often like hidey hole areas for their afternoon naps.

Tigger and Shadow did show an early interest in bunny sun bathing. When they were young, we were living in an apartment and dedicated our smallest bedroom to be theirs. We rigged it out for them with an outdoor storage bench in front of the window backed up to the sill. There were cutouts in the back of the bench and Tigger and Shadow would wiggle through and sometimes take afternoon naps on the sill. We often wondered if anyone looking up to see animals sleeping in the second story window would ever realize that they were rabbits and not cats.

When we moved into our home, the bunnies lost their ledge. There isn’t a single window with a wide enough sill in the whole house for a bunny. The dining room window comes down to just a foot off the floor. We put an exercise step there and waited to see if they would accept that as a suitable substitute for their beloved sill.

Tigger will sometimes hop up, but it is Shadow who loves it for sleeping in the sunshine. He also picks spots on the rug with the sun shining in on him full blast.  I would not have imagined that a completely black rabbit would like the sun so much.  I would have thought that he would get too hot. Clearly he loves being a sun bun. 

I have to be careful sneaking up on him to get pictures. If I disturb his sun worship and wake him up, I get that bunny look of disdain.