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Doctors Foster and Smith

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One thing that was really hard for us early on was finding all the supplies we needed for Tigger and Shadow.  Although we are in metro Atlanta, many of the good products for rabbits weren’t carried by any distributors in Georgia.  We had to have nearly everything for them shipped in.

Ordering delivered direct had issues, like huge shipping costs.  I was always scouting for the online store that was located the closest so that it would have the lowest UPS / FedEx / US postal shipping costs.  It was frustrating at times to have the shipping be equal to or more than the items I needed.  It was also tricky at times to balance the amount of shipping time needed versus when things were running out. 

Doctors Foster and Smith have come along way in the ten years of Tigger and Shadow.  At the start, they were mostly dog and cat.  Now they have lots of small animal products and all the things ours love best like Oxbow products, Peter’s grass products, treats, toys and lots of other stuff.

Shipping has been $5.99 per order which is a dream and I see they have it listed on the site as free shipping for orders $49 dollars or more.  They have a catered pet program.  You call to sign up for regular delivery of products direct to your door.  You create your menu which can be different items, quantities, and schedules.  Every 10th shipment is on them!

I think it is time for me to order some pellets, hay, papaya tablets, treats and some grass mats! I think it is also time to get myself an organized shopping list and sign up for the catered pet program.