Hackers, Phishers and Frauds, Oh My!

WarningI am not sure exactly what happened on Twitter today, because until just a couple of hours ago, I hadn’t been on Twitter.  It appears however, that someone else was very busy today on Twitter using my direct messaging to send out lots of spam.

I HATE SPAM!  BIG YUCK!  The best I can remember, I got an email earlier today notifying me of a direct message from someone I recognized. I must have clicked on it.  I don’t remember clearly, I was in a hurry.  Doing whatever unthinking thing I did with that email gave someone access I didn’t intend.  This is one of the things that hackers and phishers count on.  Sooner or later we all rush and don’t pay attention when something looks legitimate.  Then they get what they need to take over and use someone’s account. 

If you got an email about receiving a direct message from me today on Twitter and haven’t opened it, delete it.  The only messages I have sent have been responses to people who were kind enough to let me know what was going on with my account so that I could work to stop it.  If you rushed like me with an email about a direct message and possibly clicked on anything, change your Twitter password now. 

I am so very sorry to all who received spam messages today from my account.