The Things I Do for Bunnies

Stinky laundryToday is a day of reflection and there are a couple of things that come to mind on this topic.  The first is T-shirt sacrifices.  There is no T-shirt color that can properly hide the discolorations that come from spit out bunny food, bunny pee and bunny poo.  Portia and now Tigger have both needed syringe feedings and would soil themselves and have poopy butt while really ill. 

Portia was pretty good about holding still to be taken care of and cleaned up.  Tigger however, has always been a bit like holding the Bugs Bunny style Tasmanian Devil.  You might hang on, but her position changes regularly and rapidly.  I try to use baby style drop cloths to cover me up while Blaine feeds or cleans her, but she twirls around all over me and I always end up wearing whatever she wants to share.  Immediate laundering doesn’t always get out the ground in stuff that comes with all her wiggling around.  So, there goes another shirt designated to bunny care only.  I know someone out there is thinking, just bunny burrito her in a towel.  I cannot describe how fast she moves, there is no getting her wrapped up into a towel like that, even at a slower ten-year old speed.  Only at her very sickest will she hold that still and then the towel burrito isn’t necessary.

Second, the smell of Cilantro makes me gag.  I don’t know why, but I really hate it.  So of course, the bunnies love to eat Cilantro and want it for variety in their diet.  For me, the only thing worse than the smell of Cilantro in the room is the aroma it leaves hanging around on my hands when I wash it up for the rabbits.  I cannot get it off no matter what I use.  It follows me everywhere. 

Usually, I get Blaine to handle the toxic veggie. I have trouble even being in the same room with it while the bunnies eat it. I went looking for info on Cilantro to see if there are any kill the odor suggestions. Instead, I found there is a member website for Cilantro haters with over 3,000 members: Amazing, I am not alone. I will have to look over the haikus of my fellow sufferers.

Back to Tigger for the third, SBDs.  Tigger can clear a room with her gassy issues.  She is the sweetest, fluffiest, cutest most beautiful rabbit and yet if she lets loose, you would swear there was a skunk in the room.  I cannot believe how much toxic gas a five pound rabbit can hold.  Now this isn’t just because she has been sick lately.  Tigger let loose her first SBD right in my face when she was just a baby.  I thought I was going to find a huge pile of poo underneath her and was really surprised to find nothing at all and realize my cute little bunny could let loose a silent stinker like that.  It was a very teary eye opener into the dark secrets of fluffy bunnies.

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