The Wonderful Pitty Pat of Bunny Paws Again

Little Leo hiding out in his sheet tunnel areaThere is light at the end of the tunnel as hormones are finally starting to fade a bit for my little bunny rabbit stalker. Leo the Lionhead has been sitting by or under my chair for a month now focused on my feet, just waiting for me to put one down on the floor so that he could pounce. Yesterday and today, the feel of his stare is finally being replaced by the sound of his paws as he is starting to hop around the room and find other things that interest him. Thank goodness! My feet and legs were really getting cramped trying to keep them up on the chair all the time while he was out.

Blaine and I are now looking forward to a time soon to see what Little Leo is like without hormones ruling him. It was really cute yesterday morning and this morning when he started and finished a couple speedy Bunny 500s around the office.  He began and ended them at my chair and seemed to be showing off for me. It has been so sweet to be able to get down on the floor a bit and interact with him without having to worry quite so much about getting love bites from those razor-sharp little teeth of his.

I am not sure what Leo did earlier today in his exercise pen area while I was working. I heard a splash and turned around to see a flood of water on the floor beside his water bowl.  Blaine thought he tried to take a swim, but I am quite puzzled because he seemed to be dry to the touch.  There wasn’t anything near the bowl that looked like he threw it in and the bowl is attached to the pen wall. I wonder if Leo tried to lift the pen and bounced the water out of the bowl?

Leo checking things outIt is going to be interesting to see what kind of Rabbittude Little Leo the Lion will be showing us now. Tigger & Shadow really kept us hopping enough that we didn’t have the opportunity to experiment much to capture them on video.  We will have to see if we can learn some bunny cam techniques with Leo.

Ah well … we aren’t completely out of the hormonal woods yet.  Gotta go, I had a leg down and Leo is trying for a close encounter.

On Thursday, the story of Shadow and parsley …

4 thoughts on “The Wonderful Pitty Pat of Bunny Paws Again

    • The first weigh in at the vet put Leo at 3.5 pounds which would be a pound lighter than Tigger at her low adult weight. Tigger gained some weight as she aged while Shadow lost some and they ended up both right around 5.5 pounds their last couple years. So Leo is 2 pounds smaller than what we are used to.

      Will he grow? That is a big unknown since his accurate age isn’t known. If he is 1 1/2 years, definetely no. If he is as young as six months, which is a possibility given his strong sudden hormone surge, perhaps. The problem is he is clearly a small bunny and most small bunnies tend to reach full growth by six months. So we shall just have to see what happens over the next few months. Portia the Chinchilla bunny we had was thought to be a year old when we got her, but continued to grow for several months after we got her, so it was clear she had to have been somewhere between 6-9 months old when we adopted her.

  1. Hi There,
    We have 2 little spoiled buns that love each other thru a gate, but never out together. Our lionhead loves to push the pens gate around and can pick it right up off floor.
    I remember the terriable 2’s so good luck to you. I so like the bunny much better.

    • It sounds like you have some active playful bunnies. Thanks for the well wishes on Leo. It is a challenge when the young bunnies have the super strong hormones going. Leo is becoming a bit more playful day to day which is a joy to watch.

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