Treasured Tuesday – Tigger & Shadow

Plant tray as bunny furniture

This is Tigger & Shadow on their plant tray lounger. They are covering so much of it you can barely see it the dark green edges of it. When we brought them home as babies, we looked around first at things we had that we could use for them. Then if we didn’t have something we could repurpose, we would look for things to buy. We had some green plastic plant trays about 6 inches wide by 30-36 inches long that we weren’t using. The pictures below show how we thought those plant trays would be used, to hold their pellet and water bowls in their play areas. We na├»vely thought that trays would be used as trays to catch spilled food or water.

Plant trays being used as feeding traysLittle did we know, but the bunnies showed us that the plant trays were actually the perfect size for bunny furniture. Over the years, they would lounge on them and especially when older, I think they liked the ease of getting on and off them, but also still having a bit of support with the low sides. Perhaps part of their liking might also have been that the trays were plastic and maybe a bit cooler than the carpet on some of the hotter Georgia days.

I included a link in the first paragraph to clearly see a picture of the type of tray we used. These are available lots of places, but I am using Amazon for some sample pictures of things we have used with the rabbits, since I can pin things on Amazon to our new Pinterest board: House Rabbits at Home. I plan to use that board to show some of the things that we have used or are planning to try now with Leo so that others can get ideas or give comments on items on the board if they have used similar things.

Tomorrow some of the things that are up in the studio here …

4 thoughts on “Treasured Tuesday – Tigger & Shadow

    • Tigger and Shadow were something else with how they would think of doing things. It was a real challenge sometimes to keep ahead of them with bunnyproofing, but this was one of the easy things to just turn the trays over to them open and ready for them to just flop on.

  1. Rabbits are really funny, in how they choose what and where to get comfortable. Pikachu has a soft baby blanket to lie down on, however I often catch him lounging on a wooden tray which I repurposed into a toy for him. It was meant to be a toy, but he uses it as a hang-out!

    • It is so weird. We got a couple soft beds for Leo which he absolutely won’t use. He likes bare floor or cardboard boxes. Tigger & Shadow, we tried some of the round fleece cat beds. Tigger liked those, but Shadow just wanted to eat them. Both of them really liked the hard plastic plant trays. With what you are saying with Pikachu, it seems that our rabbits want firm surfaces, not soft.

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