Typical Saturday

Nap time for Shadow and TiggerEven after ten years, it is amazing to see how quickly our bunnies react to things of interest. Tigger and Shadow were asleep under the dining room table seemingly uncaring and unaware as the afternoon ticked away.

 Then in walks Blaine fresh from the grocery store and all of a sudden it is feeding frenzy time at the edge of the dining room rug.  Tigger and Shadow are pushing and shoving each other, doing sideways body blows to shove the other farther away.  They are both looking interested in humping the others head in their efforts to establish who gets to new food first. 

I am playing referee, while Blaine sorts out what small treat to give them to settle them down again.  Tigger gets a small blueberry.  Shadow gets a raspberry.  Both are now back under the table sleeping again.

Bunnies are definetely live in the moment opportunistic little beings!

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