Visiting Expert for May 2007


Also Known As: Cos
Breed: Dwarf Mix
Weight: 7 Pounds
Sex: Female
Age: 1 Year 9 Months
Known Associates: Coco

I really need someone to
reorganize this office
so I can work here!

 Best Known For:

Cosette is very persistent when she wants something. She will jump over 30 inch puppy-pens or lift them up with her nose. She will chew through heavy duty baby gates. She'll jump on top of bookshelves or onto swiveling computer chairs.
When she wants your attention, she'll dig on your legs or your back. And if you ignore her, she'll follow up with a little nip. She also likes nudging you firmly when you're in her way.
If Coco is eating something she wants, she'll pull it out of his mouth. If there is a carrot to be shared, she'll pick it up in her mouth and run away with it so she can have it all to herself.

 If You Could Read Her Mind:

"I want something, so I am going to get it. The world revolves around me. Where are my dandelions?? Someone left the filing cabinet slightly ajar. That means I get to pull important documents out and run away with them and chew them!"
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