Bunnies Bearing Gifts – The Details

Bunnies Bearing Gifts

Contest Details – three $10 gift certificates, contest closes at midnight 11/22 11/23* EST.

We will let winners choose which shop they would like to have a gift certificate for –

So how to enter? Beginning now through Friday November 22nd, make a comment here on the blog or sign up for our newsletter or both. Sign up for the newsletter will earn one entry per person, each blog comment will earn an entry. Please only sign up for the newsletter once, but there is no limit on how many times you can comment on the blog. Each comment will earn a separate entry. We will pick out three random winners. Perhaps Leo will be willing to assist us with that.  It is possible that a winner could win more than one certificate if more than one of their entries is randomly picked. We will pick winners and email them on November 23rd 24th* to find out which shop certificate they would like to have.

*Note – Since we had a bit of website downtime on the 21st, we are extending entries through midnight 11/23 EST and will email winners on 11/24.


The Rabbittude Plan for November

Rabbit with ribbon in front of computer

Today has been a day of following Leo around on the sly spying on him.  I am trying to figure out when and how he likes to eat his hay so that I can better plan how to increase his hay consumption. I knew he was a private eater, but I  have discovered another way that he is very different from the other rabbits. He likes to eat his hay while laying down in a resting position while Tigger and Shadow ate standing up and would hop into a hay bin to eat. So I’ve tried putting little handfuls down beside Leo when he is flopped and he is nibbling on them as he rests. The floor is going to get quite messy here with Leo. I will have to work on a good cleaning plan for this!

For November, I will continue to plan to post each weekday. So there will be many more bunny stories to come this next month as well as news of what is going on with Rabbittude. Since this is a big shopping season, we will be working more on our Pinterest account. Keep an eye on that if you are looking for gifts. You might find some ideas checking out our boards. We have lots of pins there of items available from shops on Etsy and Zibbet.

Monday we will have a special announcement about a contest for November. So stop by to check that out and find out how you can enter to win something from Rabbittude!

Rabbittude Buntique Featured on Zibbet

Rabbittude Buntique Featured Seller on ZibbetThis week our Rabbittude Buntique shop is the featured shop on the Zibbet blog. It is a real honor for us. It is wonderful to have been warmly welcomed into the community on Zibbet.

We look forward to having a good future growing along with Zibbet. We regard our expansion to Zibbet as a an extension of our commitment to continue to support handmade and small indie businesses. We feel that helping the support and growth of a venue committed to micro businesses is an important step in helping those individual businesses to continue in the future to have choices of places to sell that are a good fit and profitable.

Link to our interview: http://www.zibbet.com/blog/2013.10.28/featured-zibbeter-rabbittudebuntique

More Dust Bunnies Are On the March!

Dust Bunnies Bumper Sticker

On sale in our CafePress shop now!

A few months back, there was a comment that putting our marching dust bunnies on a bumper sticker would be a great idea. I missed that when it was first posted, but found it recently. It was one of those that is a terrific idea, why didn’t I think of it moments. Today I had the opportunity to create the bumper sticker and the Dust Bunny Bumper sticker is now available in our CafePress shop as a single, a 10 pack or a 50 pack of bumper stickers.

It is wonderful when people contact us through the website or our shops and ask if we can do something based on other things that we have. Many times those are good ideas for things that we can easily do, we just didn’t think of it. So we really appreciate suggestions and questions about whether something is possible.

Some new products we create and occasionally a whole line begins with a suggestion or question from a follower or potential customer. We really appreciate hearing what people think or would like. Sometimes I’ve had beads hiding in a drawer waiting for an idea and someone’s question or comment about what they would like to see for jewelry or an accessory helps me to realize how the beads were meant to be used.

So thank you all for being so wonderful asking questions, providing feedback and suggestions. We appreciate that so much!

Two Wicked Wednesdays So Far This Month

Click here for the video up properly: Binky Day on youtube.com.

So last Wednesday was crazy with tornado siren testing and a loose pack of hounds. Today wasn’t a noise issue throwing things off, but rather a round of internet sites with lots of issues that messed with the planned schedule.  Now that I am trying to catch up and write what I had intended, Leo is letting me know he would really rather have some attention. So I found this wonderful binky video to share.

Enjoy! I will be back tomorrow with some of what is going on at Rabbittude this month.

Not Quite According to Plan Today

Leo the LionheadSo today was a bit of a trying to catch up day.  I had planned a  special gallery of photos for Leo today but didn’t quite get finished with what I needed for the images and will share that Saturday instead. Time flew by today trying to fit the work of two days into one, since a good chunk of yesterday ended up lost time.

Yesterday was a reminder of how easily rabbit nerves are disturbed by noise.   Leo had way more than his share to deal with. The first Wednesday of every month at noon, they test tornado sirens in our area. The wailing of those sirens even on a sunny day is a very eerie reminder of danger. For some reason yesterday, they ended up doing two separate tests about fifteen minutes apart. That was unsettling and had me looking out the window again to double-check the weather was still bright, sunny and clear.

Then as if that wasn’t enough noise, shortly after the sirens, it became clear there were some hounds hunting in the woods that run behind our home and the homes running along on either side of ours. I could hear them going back and forth off into the distance and then closer behind our house and it was obvious they were hunting and baying loudly as the moved back and forth through the woods. After more than an hour, they came out of the woods on to our property roaming around front to back and it was clear at that point that no one was hunting with them, they had gotten away from someone or their home somehow. It was at least another hour before animal control was able to come and pick them up. Fortunately for the dogs, they had collars with a phone number and were quickly reunited with their owner.

Poor Leo though had a very unsettling afternoon and was clearly not ready to settle down again easily afterwards. I can’t blame him, the sirens and then the continuous baying of the hounds didn’t do great things for my nerves either. When Blaine came home, he sat down to pet Leo and accidentally knocked something and Leo was off like a shot. So no nice nap for Leo yesterday, he spent the afternoon on full bunny alert. Thankfully today has been quiet, so Leo is calm again.

Tomorrow a cute bunny rabbit find.

Rabbittude on Pinterest

Rabbittude Pinterest Boards

This past month while I have waited out the fall allergy season a bit, I have had some fun getting back to Pinterest. It is easy to pin things when dealing with allergy or antihistamine brain fog compared to projects or tasks requiring a higher level of thinking ability. I started pinning again to our Rabbittude Pinterest boards and now have hundreds of bunny rabbit images and hundreds more bunny rabbit inspired products. I’ve started another board that only has a few dozen items now.  I will work to grow it with products that we have used or would like to check for rabbit care / care homes with  house rabbits in residence.

Then there is a board of garden dreams and all the wonderful things that would be in an ideal garden retreat if time, space or money were no object. Since they are, these wonderful images are great to have a visual retreat to green spaces. I’ve heard that looking at images of green spaces are beneficial for stress relief. So I wanted to create a feast for myself there and for anyone else who wants to follow the board.

In addition to the bunny boards, there are ones for some favorite colors, styles, wonderful animals, animal inspired items, the seasons, nature photography, things for laughs, quotes to live by or laugh by and an ideas and tutorials board.  There are also three boards that are all items from Zibbet.com a real handmade marketplace:

  • Have You Heard of Zibbet?
  • BROWN on Zibbet
  • Shop Local Georgia

We opened a couple of shops on Zibbet this past month: Rabbittude Buntique and Birdsong Supplies.  Zibbet.com is a growing marketplace of real handmade, vintage and supply items. One of the reasons we decided try out Zibbet is the plan to have a feature in a coming upgrade that will allow some integration of the shops with our website to bring some shopping ability right to the Rabbittude website. That is a very attractive option possibility, so we wanted to expand to Zibbet. We also have a shop on Etsy, Buntique and are looking at how we will divide inventory between the venues. We’ll talk more about what is in our shops at another time and what is coming from the studio.

The Brown on Zibbet and Shop Local Georgia boards are Zibbet Picks boards that I am helping out with volunteer pinning. Pinning items from Zibbet for the brown board makes me feel so hungry. Have you ever noticed just how many brown colors are food and beverage names? There is cappuccino, caramel, cashew, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, cognac, dark honey, espresso, fudge, gingerbread, hazelnut, java, latte, maple, mocha, molasses, toffee and whiskey.  I should be gaining weight just looking at the colors!

Seeing how the Zibbet Picks boards are set up inspired me to get back involved with our Pinterest account.  I really considered how to better set our boards up to have some great bunny rabbit boards to start building for people to enjoy. The opportunity to begin to volunteer on the Zibbet boards gave me something to do during a rough patch in the allergy season that helped me feel energized and active which was great towards feeling I was accomplishing something useful on a few days when doing much more than clicking seemed to need way too much thinking power. So it really helped me out and then was doubly sweet to receive a very special thank you this week from Zibbet. Each week they have a blog piece called the Fantastic Five and pick five items to showcase. This week they picked five items from shops of volunteers. It was so incredibly sweet to have the bookmark with the artwork piece I did of Shadow and Tigger be one of the five items chosen.

If you like Pinterest, check out the Rabbittude boards.  I will be looking to add lots more bunny rabbit things there and build more of a following and look for other boards and people to follow.

For October


Stayed tuned … bunny fun to come …

Here it is the first day of October and I wanted to get back in gear again with the Rabbittude blog. I’m looking ahead this month and planning to post a new blog post each day sharing bunny stories or photos, along with what we are up to in our studio here and things we have found on the web of interest to bunny lovers.


Sprucing up here …

So many more rabbit stories yet to tell. It has been a challenging start to the year Continue reading

When Life Gives You Bunny Poop … Go With the Flow …

The Land of Bunny Poo

The Land of Bunny Poo – Fine Art Photograph

A question before the start of the story – Can you actually use the terms semi-precious stones, jade, snowflake jasper, wood hearts, wire wrapped silver and gold, porcelain bowls, beach stones, scrapbook paper, bunny poop, and fine art photography all together and be describing the same thing?  No trick question here, the answer is in the photo. Yes!

So, how did this photo of the Land of Bunny Poo come into being?  Well I have been a busy bunny over the past few weeks creating beaded jewelry and gifts to sell in our Etsy shop, Buntique, to take advantage of the gift buying season and to clear away some of the hoard (horde? – never sure of that spelling) of bunny beads that we have here.  I swear they must be reproducing without my knowledge or approval in their storage drawers.

Anyway, back to the main story of making and listing quite a number of things on Etsy.  Continue reading