Follow Friday – Run Rabbit Video

Okay, been quiet too long with blogging. I am here today to share a super cute bunny rabbit video.  It is five minutes long, but you have to stay to the end to see how this bunny really herds these sheep.

Here is the link just in case the video isn’t working here:

Monday, I will explain the quiet time here.

Follow Friday – LOL Rabbits Video

I found this funny rabbit video on You Tube.  You can check out making your own funny captioned pictures at I Can Has Cheez Burger.

Here is the link to the video on You Tube if it isn’t working properly here:

A Fun Video – Howard’s Big Dig

And this video shows why you want to keep a close eye or a leash on a bunny in your yard even if it is fenced.  I have heard of bunnies digging their way under fences and disappearing completely.  Although I would love to let our little Shadow go and get a whole lot of digging out of his system, our area is very rural with lots of wild animals and predatory birds.  So our bunnies stay inside house rabbit only.

Here is the You Tube link for the video:

Binkies !

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case a video can show you what a binky is if you haven’t seen one before.  This little bunny has all kinds of variety of binkies down.

I don’t know who coined the term binky for these leaping bunny moves, but it has the right lighthearted happy feel to match the act.  Bunnies will binky as they run and play.  I have seen our rabbits use them to change course in mid-air.  When they touch down, they will be running off in a completely different direction.  I have seen them do twists and turns and click their paws together before they come back down.  It is not only a bunny having a lot of fun, but is so athletic and acrobatic!

It is another one of those unexpected facets of rabbits.  With their proportionately heavy looking backsides, who expects them to be aerodynamic like this?

Here is the link to the video if it isn’t working for you here: