Curveball Thursday: Booda ???

Booda Dome ???So my plan for today had been to write a throwback story about our previous bunnies that had not yet been told. Yesterday I had written about how Leo had finally accepted his Booda Dome after initially not wanting to even be in the same room with it. You can read the Booda Don’t and Booda Do posts for the rest of the story and pictures.

Then today Leo throws me a curveball when I walk in to the room and see him flopped at the doorway of his Booda Dome. So what is the message behind that? Is he back to not going in? Is he laying stronger claim to it by blocking the entrance? Ah Leo, what does this mean?

I have a feeling that there might be more to the story to be told over time …

4 thoughts on “Curveball Thursday: Booda ???

  1. It means that bunnies are stubborn and will do what they want to do! As a person who raised them, I can say that for sure! We think we’re ahead of them, but guess what?? !!! Barb Peterson

    • Good thing they’re so cute, so we forgive them when they chew up the light cords, the cable cords, bits of carpet corners, and squeeze behind the china cabinet to hide- thus leaving what my mother called “calling cards” behind the cabinet. I had one bunny who rode on our shoulder in the car, and another who liked to ride in the bicycle basket, the sled, and walk on a leash. They said rabbits are dumb, but the ones I’ve had (mostly Netherland dwarfs- “red -eyed Himilayans ) have been litter box trained, and followed people around the house at parties and begged for popcorn and snacks.When we offered one “snack well” crackers, he threw the bowl with crackers across the room- he preferred Pepp. Farm English muffins with raisons. So there. Barb again

      • It is so true that they are super cute but seem to have rock star personalities. Our bunny Tigger was a terrible trial and would literally come up wanting to kiss and make up after some of her worst stunts. I don’t remember now what she did, but remember one time when she hopped up to me wanting to kiss my face and “I said oh no you don’t, you need to wait a bit before trying to get away with things this time!”

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