Death-Defying Daredevil Stunt Bunny Tigger

What bunny parents have to do to keep a Tigger safe ...So this picture shows what we had to do to keep Tigger safe from her crazy daredevil stunt bunny desire.  You see her up on top of a couple of cushion bolsters usually used to turn a regular mattress bed into a daybed. Behind that is an enormous approximately 4 foot by 6 foot piece of cardboard. Hidden behind the cardboard are the sliding track doors to a closet.

The closet is where the story begins.  It had sliding doors that were in a track at the top and hung free at the bottom.  The closet was about six feet wide and the doors went up to almost ceiling height.  Each door was the size and weight of a regular room entry door, so they were quite large and heavy.  We didn’t see any problem with those doors in relation to the rabbits.  Then Tigger showed us the error in our thinking.

Even though large and heavy, since the doors hung free at the bottom, there was some movement to them and somehow Tigger discovered that.  We were horrified one day as we watched her run around the room to see her run up to the closet doors and stop right where the doors met and overlapped by a couple of inches.  She positioned her body beside the door on the inner track.  Tigger gave the door a sideways body blow which swung the door in a few inches, creating a brief space between the two doors. Tigger immediately zoomed into that space and into the closet. The door fell heavily back into place just a second later. 

Trying to prevent this stunt took some thinking, because we could not allow her to try it again.  We pictured her misjudging the timing by just a split second and then being crushed or smashed between the those doors.  The sheer size and weight of them compared to Tigger was staggering.  So we got the huge piece of cardboard and blocked the doors and then took some book ends to hold the cardboard upright at the base and then placed the cushion bolsters in front to keep everything in place and give Tigger a new hang out to remove the memories of the closet temptation.

On Wednesday, Tigger requests a window seat …

4 thoughts on “Death-Defying Daredevil Stunt Bunny Tigger

  1. Eep! My mini Rex loves eating cat food, so we feed the cats in our sun room. The sun room has normal windows into the living room and our couch is near the window. I caught Domo sitting in the window trying to judge the distance to jump down and get cat food 🙁 now the door and windows have to be closed when the cats eat and then opened when they are done.

  2. Where there’s a will, there’s a rabbit. These fur balls are experts at figuring out how to get into mischief. They have all day and night to plot as well. It seems that the easiest way to rabbit-proof a place is to watch a bunny find holes in one’s defenses. I should add that this makes them all the more adorable.

  3. Brilliant that sounds like something my Gráinne would try! There’s no stopping her when she wants to get somewhere!

    Our other girl Orla spends a scary amount of time sliding the door to her cage open and closed! Fortunately while she knows how she doesn’t seem to have the strength to open it from fully closed, but she can fully close it and has locked her not very happy sister out from dinner a few times!

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