Dust Bunny

Shadow cleaning his faceAh, bunnies never learn.  The minute I open the door to our half bath, Shadow’s rabbit radar goes off and within seconds, he is there to zoom in.  He always follows the same course with a lap around behind the toilet.

You would think he would learn about the spider webs back there.  One thing really enjoying a high growth cycle this past couple years in Georgia is the spider population.  I beat back cobwebs on a daily basis in some areas.

It has gotten to be a habit for me to always look at open spaces before walking through them.  Overnight, the spiders will build a web across open areas and doorways.  I hate getting a face full of web.  It is a major freak out that everyone hears about if the spider happens to be in the web at the time.  So I have learned to look first now and proceed cautiously.  Little Shadow hasn’t yet.  He came out from his lap, hit the dining room and starting cleaning his little face off.

I tried to tell him not to go back there, but he just wouldn’t slow down and listen.

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