Ending Simplify Your Life Week – Bunny Plates and Bowls

Cage water and food bowl

Tigger with plastic water and food bowl hooked to cage wall

Tigger with plate of parsley

Tigger with her plate of parsley

One thing that happened due to an accident, turned out to be a lot simpler for us long run. Tigger has always gnawed on her cage bars, even when the door was open and she was on the outside. One time as a baby, something spooked her and she pulled back without her teeth being free of the bars and injured her teeth and mouth. She lost the ability to use a water bottle with that injury. We switched her over to a heavy plastic water bowl that screwed on to the cage bars.

After we got Tigger and Shadow together, he started using the bowl instead of his bottle and we just switched him over too. We also found plastic bowls that hook over the cage bars for a small amount of pellets. We discovered how much easier it is to clean the bowls compared to the water bottles. You can just pop them in the dishwasher along with everything else. We have two sets of water bowls and food bowls, one set is in the cages while the other is either in a cabinet ready to use or in the dishwasher being cleaned.

When Tigger and Shadow are out for run time, we put down plastic plates for them of various greens. The plastic plates are inexpensive outdoor picnic style plates which due to Georgia’s warm climate are available in stores year round here: discount, food store, pretty much everywhere. These plates can also be put in the dishwasher.  We have a set for them of about a half-dozen plates. Tigger likes to toss the plates if they are empty or the greens aren’t to her liking which gives a new bunny rabbit meaning to the term tossed salad.

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  1. I use those terracotta saucers for under plant pots, they work well cos they are shallow but heavy enough for them not to move. I also use dog bowls for water, impossible to tip over!!

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