Freaky Friday Instead of Follow Friday

Question marksJust a quick post here as today went really freaky midway through and I have been trying to get back on course ever since.  It was a beautiful fall day, not too hot, not too cold.  The skies were blue, the sun was shining and then the tornado sirens went off  and continued to go off ???

Normally they test them the first Wednesday of each month at noon, so not a normal test day, no bad weather to be seen ???  When I checked, it showed an alert had just been released for our area warning of high risk for fires.  So were they trying to alert us to that ???  There was no smoke to be seen and no smell of fire in the air.

So I called 911, twice and twice my phone service told me the number was not a working number ???  So I am starting to freak out as the sirens are still going off and I have no idea what is going on.  I’m trying and failing to find the full phone number for the police department.  So I phone the hubby and ask him to find the number and call the police for info while I head back to check outside again.

Hubby called back a few minutes later.  He had reached the police who had answered the phone, saying “We don’t know why they are going off either” and then hung up.  He said they sounded quite frazzled.  So best guess is that someone saw the National Weather Service alert about the fire warning and turned on the sirens, leaving everyone including the authorities scrambling but clueless as to what was wrong.

Oh and the bunnies were taking their usual afternoon nap in their cages and weren’t bothered by it at all. 

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